14 July 2013

Telegram shared smiles and tears….



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Today is the last day of telegram  I am sharing here views of the Readers.  Dr Avinash Jagtap, a veteran  philatelist remembers on the very last day of telegram service in India, a  special telegram, Shown above sent by his friends on 8 October 1958 . Some more news from the readers..

Dr Jagtap writes from Switzerland…

Today I saw a comparative lengthy coverage given by BBC to the closing of the last Telegraph Services in India after 163 years... I felt as if I have lost a great personality....India was the last country to close down the telegraph services ! I share here a telegram sent by my friends when I passed my B.Pharm Examination from L.M.College of Pharmacy  Ahmedabad in 1957.... as a remembrance of this thankworthy services in India, which connected tears and smiles even with the rural folks of our motherland...

Last Day of Telegram at Lucknow

Telegraph Office at Lucknow GPO



1926 Telegram …with a Sad News

: Sandeep Chaurasia from Lucknow

Film and Telegram

I am sharing a story from a film in which Telegram played an important role….

Simla special….

Simla Special is a Tamil language film starring Kamal Haasan in the lead role. S V Sekhar, Sripriya, Thenga sreenivasan, YGM, Manorama are other major stars appearing in this comedy. The movie was a hit at the box office.

Gopu (Kamal Haasan) is a budding drama artist. He and his good friend, Babu (S Ve Sekhar), own a popular troupe that performs low budget comedies. To help Babu pay for his sister's wedding, they accept a commission to perform a set of plays for Tamilians in Simla. One of the plays is titled "Simla Special" and is written by Mahalakshmi (Sripriya).

While Kamal is in Simla, Babu receives a telegram intended for Gopu informing him of Gopu's mom being seriously ill. Fearing the loss of the money if they renege on the Simla commission, Babu keeps the information from Gopu. Gopu subsequently finds out about his mother's illness when a friend calls to tell him that her situation has worsened. However, for the sake of his friend's sister, he decides to continue acting. He also keeps the information to himself, thinking that if Babu knew, he'd insist that Gopu go back to be by his mother's side.

On the last day of their engagement, Kamal finds the telegram in Babu's coat pocket and realizes his friend's deception. He breaks off his friendship with Babu - but is forced to stay for one last encore before he leaves. While he is performing, Babu receives a call that Gopu's mom has recovered. All is forgiven and the friends reunite.

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dokka srinivasu said...

Respected Jeevan Jyoti madam

Good afternoon.

Thanks for sharing detailed information about Telegraph system in India which is closed on 14th July in several of your messages about the significant role and importance of telegrams in India.

Madam on 14th July i am also sharing one message on my Heritage of India blog with the title "Vintage Telegrams of India(Farewell to the 163 Year Old Telegraph System)". Madam in this message i am sharing some information about Telegraph System in India and also adding some vintage telegrams images which are in my collection.

Jeevan Jyoti madam this is the link for my "Vintage Telegrams of India(Farewell to the 163 Year Old Telegraph System)" message which i shared in my Heritage of India blog.


Madam on the same day BBC preparing some articles in their Hindi website and in one message BBC Delhi office staff using some of my vintage telegrams images.

Madam this is the BBC website telegrams images message link where they are using some of my telegrams images.


Madam i am happy that i am also participating in sharing something about the significance of telegraph system in India.

Thank you very much

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