24 July 2013

Marianne –The symbol of France…



French post issued a bloc of stamps representing symbols of French republic depicted on stamps during the period of the existence of Vth Republic. The bloc depicts 12 Mariannes of the French Republic in black-and-white issued from the year 1959:

1959 Marianne the Nef;

1960 Marianne by Decaris;

1961 Marianne by Cocteau;

1962 Gallic rooster;

1967 Marianne by Cheffer;

1971 Marianne by Bequet;

1977 Sabine by Gandon;

1982 Liberty by Gandon;

1989 Marianne of Bicentennial (by Briat);

1997 Marianne of 14 of July (by Luquet);

2005 Marianne of the French people (by Lamouche);

2008 Marianne of Europe (by Beaujard).

Marianne is a national emblem of France and an allegory of Liberty and Reason. She symbolises the “Triumph of the Republic”. Her profile stands out on the official seal of the country, is engraved on French euro coins and appears on French postage stamps.

Marianne is one of the most prominent symbols of the French Republic. Marianne represents the state and values of France, differently from another French cultural symbol, the Coq gaulois (Gallic rooster) which represents France as a nation and its history, land, culture, and variety of sport disciplines in their combative forms.

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