18 July 2013

Special Cover : Farewell to Telegrams


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Farewell to Telegrams

Hi !

Here is a very special cover issued in Chennai by South India Philatelists’ Association to commemorate the final day of Telegrams. Conceived and designed by SIPA the cover is very nice and cancelled on 15th July. The design of the cover  features Souvenir Sheet showing five obsolete telegraph stamps . On reverse side illustrations of the old telegrams. It’s a great effort by SIPA to make the event memorable for ever with the issue of this cover. Here is another nice private cover sent by Mr KV Rao of Berhampur Orissa) ‘ Indian Telegram RIP’. One more cover with golden eagle cancellation from Germany. Many Many thanks to all of you for these nice covers !!


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Thanks to SIPA ( South India Philatelists’ Association  www.sipa.org.in

: South India Philatelists’ Association : email  : sipagold@gmail.com

Indian Telegram RIP 

Picture 008

Thanks to KV Rao, Berhampur (Orissa)


Cover from Germany

Cover with  pictorial cancellation issued  on 1st July  t 53113 at Bonn and is featuring a Golden Eagle.

Picture 009

Thanks to  Wolfgang Beyer, Germany

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