28 July 2013

New Stamps from USPS..



Date of Issue : 8 August , 2013 

US Postal Service will issue 12 different Forever stamps “Made in America: Building a Nation” in five panes with different pictorial margins on 8 August .


“The Made in America: Building a Nation stamps honor the courageous workers who helped build the United States.” With those words, the Postal People announced an ambitious program offering 12 different stamps featured in five different pictorial margin panes.


In the top row are an airplane maker, a derrick man on the Empire State Building, a millinery apprentice, and a man on a hoisting ball on the Empire State Building. In the middle row are a linotyper in a publishing house, a welder on the Empire State Building, a coal miner, and riveters on the Empire State Building. In the bottom row are a powerhouse mechanic, a railroad track walker, a textile worker, and a man guiding a beam on the Empire State Building.


The five different sheets each have a different selvage photograph: two with Empire State Building iron workers, another with a General Electric worker measuring the bearings in a huge casting, the fourth uses the same image of the coal miner that appears in the stamp pane, and the final margin depicts a female welder.


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