20 November 2013

Stamping Approval On Sachin..



Stamping Approval On Sachin


Sachin Tendulkar, world’s greatest Cricketer has touched the hearts of all Indians and sports lovers all over the world . I am sharing here an article for the interest of readers, published in Business World  . 

S for Sachin...‘S’ for Stamp...‘T’ for Tendulkar or ‘T’ for ‘Ticket’ (as stamps are known colloquially). Recently, India Post honoured Sachin Tendulkar by issuing two special stamps but here are some lesser known philatelic facts about the Master Blaster for all his fans.      
Philately, ‘the king of hobbies,’ has honoured Sachin Tendulkar, ‘the king of cricket’, many times before India Post issued  special stamps on 14th November, 2013. Prof Arvind Jain of Bhilwara (Rajasthan), has the complete collection of stamps featuring Sachin Tendulkar. issued worldwide in the last five years. Jain, a philatelist by choice, is the Vice Principal of Government Girls College, Bhilwara. He holds the national record (in ‘Limca Book’) since 2007 for the largest collection of postage stamps issued on the theme of Cricket.   
According to Jain, Sachin was first featured on a ‘Stamp-Tab’ attached with an official UK stamp. A very special sheetlet was issued by England in 2009 during the British National Stamp Exhibition -- Stampex-2009 -- honuoring record breakers in test cricket. Out of the 10 stamp-tabs, one was issued on Sachin for the most number of runs in International Test Cricket (12,429 runs at that time).


The Republic of Congo issued a special sheetlet in 2009, on which six living legends of the cricket world were featured, including Sachin. On the occasion of Cricket World Cup 2011, St Vincent issued a set of nine miniature sheets featuring nine cricket playing nations, one of which was issued on India featuring Sachin on three stamps. Republic of Togo issued one miniature sheet and one souvenir sheet on the same occasion, featuring the Master Blaster in action.
Guinea Bissau also congratulated Team India on their World Cup victory by issuing one beautiful souvenir sheet and one sheetlet in 2011, featuring Sachin Tendulkar and other Indian players.

Even Easdale Island, Scotland, issued a complete sheet of eight stamps in four different designs, featuring portraits of Sachin in various moods. This sheet was issued on the occasion of the completion of 12,000 runs by Sachin Tendulkar in international Test cricket. This sheet was prepared exclusively as a collectors’ item and was not valid for postal use. These stamps were called ‘Propaganda Stamps’. Surprisingly, Sachin Tendulkar’s name was also printed in Hindi on all the stamps, although wrongly spelt as ‘Sacheen’.
So, its a big #Thank you Sachin from the world of philately.

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