17 November 2013

Christmas 2013 stamp from Germany



Date of Issue : 2 November 2013

German Post issued a stamp for the Christmas 2013. The Christmas stamp was traditionally introduced with a sign of charity: five dots forming a plus next to the motto “doing good – help with stamps”. The additional cost of the stamp is charged in favor of the charity organizations.


The current Christmas stamp “Star of Bethlehem” reminds of the central events of the Holy Night. The Gospel of Matthew says about the worship of the newborn by magicians or wise men from the East. Three kings named Caspar, Melchior and Balthazarwere brought by the holy starin the little town of Bethlehem, the birthplace of the newborn Jesus. They wanted to pay their respects to the child with gold, frankincense and myrrh. This event is celebrated on the 6th January as “Three Kings Day” or “Epiphany”.

In Germany the custom called “Singing Star” is related to the Epiphany celebration. Children dressed as the Three Kings go from house to house to collect donations especially for disadvantaged children.


Club News

Mrs Ratni Jatia is no more…..


Mrs Ratni Jatia, wife of renowned philatelist of India Late Shri DN Jatia passed away on 15th November 2013. Our deepest condolences to all family members. May her soul rest in peace .

I am sharing here a mail from Mr Rajesh Kumar Bagri ….

Dear Friend,

This email is a special intimation on behalf of Mrs Ratni Jatia, wife of Late Deoki Nandan Jatia, commonly and lovingly known to all of us as "DN".

At the instance and earnest desire of Mrs Jatia, I had been working on various thoughts and ideas to be able to preserve the memories, medals, mementos, awards, relationships....... etc.  etc. of our great friend Late DN. Amongst various such thoughts, came the idea of publishing these details at an open forum which can be reached, shared and complimented by the worldwide philatelic fraternity. As a small step towards this direction, we were able to compile a small part of the information and publish the same on FACEBOOK.

Mrs Ratni Jatia was very excited and overwhelmed with joy when she was shown details of the Facebook page which bought tears of joy into her eyes and only her close family members could share her joy. Before we could send an intimation to all of you, tragedy struck and Mrs RATNI JATIA left for her Heavenly abode on the 15th November, 2013.

In order to fullfill the desire of Mrs Ratni Jatia, on her behalf (her last wish) and on behalf of the philatelic fraternity and her family, I request you to please visit the page at the following hotlink and share photographs, mementos, anecdotes relating to the Late DN and Ratni Jatia as a combined tribute to this lovely couple.


Mails and messages for the family may please be sent to me.Please forward and publish this mail for reference to all friends.

With warm regards

Rajesh Kumar Bagri

C/o Computer Management Centre, 33A, Chowringhee Road, 5th Floor,

Calcutta - 700071. INDIA

email :   bagri@iname.com   Ph. +919830275515

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