05 November 2013

New Greeting stamps..



Here are new Greetings stamps from Japan with beautiful designs. Japanese post issued New Year 2014 postage stamps to be used on New Year postal cards. In Japan it is an ancient tradition to exchange postage card to congratulate relatives and friend on different occasions. The exchange of New Year cards by mail is an annual custom for Japanese people as well.

As horse is a zodiac next year, this animal became subject for the New Year 2014 postage stamps. They depict a Zhongshan doll and a Ryukyu papier-mache cock horse.

Zhongshan dolls are made in Yokote city, Akita Prefecture. Elegant colorful kabuki dolls and festival dolls are created in this style.


The Ryukyu papier-mache “cock horse” is produced in Okinawa Prefecture. The stamp depicts a king of Ryukyu Dynasty wearing the best clothes sitting astride a horse. The horse stands on the top of a wooden box decorated with flowers. A string of wire is planted inside the box, and when you draw the figure, the box clicks, which gave name to the toy – “cock horse”.

The stamps were issued in two variants-as ordinary postage stamps and as donation stamps including three additional donation yen in their cost.

Special Covers


Birth Centenary of Dr Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, Former Presidednt of India

Neelam Sanjiva Reddy Special cover 001

19 May 2013 : Hyderabad

: Cdr G. Sriramarao – Vishakhapatnam

100 Glorious years of Itarsi – Betul Section


13 May 2013 , Betul

: Sandeep Chaurasia – Gorakhpur

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