12 November 2013

New stamps from Germany..



Date of Issue : 2 November 2013

Here are new stamps from Germany, released on 2nd November 2013. The stamps  commemorate great physicist Heinrich Hertz and Professor Rachel Hirsch. The stamps are best suitable for Science and Medical themes.

125 years of electric power radiation - Heinrich Hertz

Heinrich Hertz (born February 22, 1857, died January 1, 1894) is one of the world's greatest physicists and was the most prominent researchers in the former Technical University of Karlsruhe, where until 1889 he taught as a professor in 1885.Previously, he was a lecturer in 1883 for Theoretical Physics at the University of Kiel and then from 1889 professor of physics at the University of Bonn.

The main results of the work are that he named after his electromagnetic waves , discovered that we know today as radio and microwaves, and has demonstrated in an experiment in Karlsruhe. He confirmed the report drawn up by the English physicist JC Maxwell in the form of the so-called Maxwell's equations of the theory of propagation of electromagnetic fields. Heinrich Hertz also showed experimentally that electromagnetic waves behave like light waves. In the treatise "On rays of electric force," he summed up his work together.

Hermann von Helmholtz introduced the report of Heinrich Hertz at the Academy meeting of the Royal Prussian Academy of Sciences in Berlin on 13 December 1888 with great success before.


100 years title of Professor Rachel Hirsch


Date of Issue : 2 November 2013

Rachel Hirsch (born September 15, 1870 in Frankfurt, died October 6, 1953 in London). was among the first women in Germany who worked in medical research. Hirsch's experiments were primarily the study of metabolic processes and metabolic diseases . It supplied experimental evidence that under certain conditions also unresolved substances penetrate the mucosa of the small intestine and can then be excreted in the urine ("Hirsch" effect).

Because the inclusion of a medical school for women in Germany was not possible, Rahel Hirsch wrote in 1898 in Switzerland for a corresponding study of a. After his degree and doctorate, she worked as a physician at the Charité Berlin and was only the first and the second internist doctor at all in this clinic. Despite manifold disadvantages compared with male colleagues, she was appointed as the first woman in the Kingdom of Prussia as Professor of Medicine in 1913.

1919 different Rachel Hirsch from the Charité to operate a private practice on the Kurfürstendamm. After the takeover of power by the National Socialists, they could only be a very limited working as a Jewish doctor, she finally had to give up their practice and emigrated to England in 1938, where she worked as a laboratory assistant and translator.

Drawn by mental illness, Rachel Hirsch died at the age of 83 years in a mental hospital in London.

My recent cover

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Received this nice Registered cover from Mr Wolfgang Beyer of Germany. Many Thanks to Mr Beyer.

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