18 November 2013

Denmark – France Joint Issue..


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In recognition of the centuries-old Danish and French tradition of international trade, Post Danmark and the French postal service La Poste are jointly issuing two stamps on the same day. The theme is the treaties that created favourable trading conditions between the two countries. The stamps depict a merchant vessel carrying goods across Europe.


It is 14 February 1663. King Frederik III of Denmark and King Louis XIV of France meet in Paris to sign a friendship and trade treaty designed to improve commerce between the two countries. 2013 marks the 350th anniversary of the pact. A continuation of previous treaties (1456, 1499 and 1541), the pact was itself extended by later ones (1742, 1749 and 1813). The anniversary celebrations remind us of the ties of friendship that have bound the two EU member states together.

Friendship and respect

Prior to 1663, relations between the two nations had deteriorated up to and during the Danish-Swedish war that shook Europe 1658–60. France had spent 20 years mediating between the Danes and the Swedes but not until 1660 when the Copenhagen Peace brought that war to an end, did a fruitful alliance emerge between Denmark and France.

The 45 articles of the trade treaty lay down the rules for the friendship, including trading facilities, the free movement of goods and people at sea and on land, a pledge of no assistance to each other’s respective enemies, freedom of religion, etc. As the yellowing paper shows, the people of the two nations were free to travel to and reside in each other’s countries as long as they respected local manners and customs.

The treaty also called for mutual aid on the high seas. If a Danish ship was in trouble, e.g. from pirates, French ships in the vicinity were obliged to come to its aid – and vice versa.


Club News

BIRDPEX 2014 – International stamp exhibition on Birds



BIRDPEX is an international philatelic exhibition on "birds" that takes place every four years. After Christchurch (New Zealand , 1990), Rosenheim (Germany, 1994), London (United Kingdom, 1998), Leek (the Netherlands, 2002), Nørresundby (Denmark, 2006) and Antwerp (Belgium, 2010), the 7th edition will take place in Poitiers (France)

Every "bird" exhibitor can participate - no qualification needed - in the classes thematic philately, maximaphily, open class, postal history, traditional philately, one frame and youth.

Entry forms and regulations you may find on the website or if you contact the addresses below.

Hope to see you and your exhibit on BIRDPEX 7 and POITIERS 2014 from 1th to 4th of May 2014 in Poitiers !

- The organization committee BIRDPEX


Contact :

Jean-Francois Duranceau

2 rue de Berry, 86170 AVANTON (France)

email : jean-francois.duranceau@orange.fr

Special Regulations


Art. 1 These special regulations IREX are applicable for the competitive exhibition BIRDPEX VII.

Art. 2 Participation is open to all exhibits “ornithology” (birds). Entrants can apply for all competitive classes, adults and youth .

Art. 3 The exhibition will be held from 1 till 4 May 2014 in the halls of Poitiers, road Salvador Allende, 86000 Poitiers(FRANCE)

Art. 4 This exhibition will be governed by the regulations of the F. F. A. P. and also the special and complementaryregulations of the different classes.

Art. 5 Exhibitors shall apply their entry forms (with copy of the plan) no later than 15 December 2013 to theorganizing committee of BIRDPEX VII (Jean-François Duranceau 2 rue de Berry 86170 AVANTON France). Aseparate entry form will be required for each exhibit (with report of previous results and number of wanted frames).

Art. 6 Notification of acceptance will be sent to the participants by 31 December 2013 at the latest.

Art. 7 Every collection should be presented on separate pages. Each frame can be filled with 16 sheets A4.Collections in albums as a supplement on the collection shown will not be taken into account. The talking with thejury will take place on Sunday 4 May on 10.30 am (only after subscription before).

Art. 8 The entry fee will be € 10,00 per frame. For the youth class there will be no entry fee. For the one frame classentry fee will be € 15,00 per frame. All costs of transport of the exhibits will be chargeable to the exhibitor. All bankcharges will be chargeable tot the exhibitor. The total amount should be paid before 1 February at the latest on theaccount (IBAN FR76 1027 8364 1700 0113 5070 155 (BIC CMCIFR2A), AMICALE PHILATELIQUE POITEVINE, J.F.DURANCEAU 2 rue de Berry 86170 AVANTON FRANCE

Art. 9 The way of sending and delivery of exhibits to the organizing committee will be announced later. This alsoapplies for sending back and demounting of the exhibits.

Art. 10 The organizing committee will take an Insurance against damage, theft and fire for all exhibits. The chargesare on account of the A.P.P. (organizing committee). The committee will take all reasonable precautions to ensurethe security and safety of all exhibits whilst they are in their possession. The liability shall be expressly governed andlimited as stated in section 11 of the IREX.

Art. 11 No responsibility, whether as the result of negligence or otherwise, is accepted by the organizers of POITIERS2014, BIRDPEX VII, the A.P.P. nor the officers, directors or members of any thereof, nor by the organizing committee,nor its employees or voluntary and paid assistants, nor the national commissioners, nor the members of the jury, forany loss or injury suffered by exhibitors as a result of entering this competition.

Art. 12 The organizing committee assumes the right to amend this IREX should it be necessary and take suitablemeasures for all cases which are not foreseen. The decisions taken are definite and can’t be disputed.


image : Srinivasan Paramasivam


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