15 November 2013

New Christmas Stamps..



Date of Issue : 1 November 2013

As always Christmas Island Issued  magnificent stamps for this year’s Christmas. The Christmas Island Christmas stamp issue takes a colourful approach to the festive season through illustrations of Santa and Christmas Island fauna. The island was named by Captain William Mynors, who sailed past it on 25 December 1643.


Santa has taken to the air, but not in his traditional mode of transport. Here, he rides on the back of a Frigatebird, with a banner streaming out behind him, announcing tidings of the festive season.


In the other design, a Frigatebird and a Red Crab ferry a payload of presents in a hot-air balloon, while Christmas Island can be seen far below in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean. The skies in the minisheet are alive with a menagerie of local inhabitants: Green Turtles, Golden Bosunbirds, Frigatebirds, Abbott’s Boobys, Red Crabs and a Blue Crab.

New stamp from UAE..


Date of Issue : 31 October 2013

Emirates Post has issued a commemorative stamp (AED 3) on 31st Oct 2013 to celebrate the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon, which is run in three courses, long, short and fast covering swimming, cycling and running.

: Kenneth Sequeira- Dubai (UAE)

Club News

A special cover was issued at Chennai to mark World Acupuncture Day on 24th October 2013. Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day is observed annually on October 24.


sp 14a

: Sa.Vejeykummar - Chennai

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