08 November 2013

New Christmas stamps..


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Date of Issue : 4 November 2013

Here is a beautiful set of Christmas stamps issued by Finnish Post. This year, the Finnish Christmas stamp is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Itella Posti Oy published its new Finnish Christmas stamps, which are inspired by the nostalgic world of scrapbook pictures.


The EUR 0.65 stamp for Christmas greetings is the atmospheric Christmas Hug, featuring endearing child figures from an old, original post card. The background of the stamp glows warm and golden, creating the mood of candlelight.

The first-class stamp, Christmas Tree Boy, features an image photographed from of a scrapbook picture, in which a small boy in winter clothes carries home small Christmas trees in a blue-hued snowfall. The stamp sheet also has Priority labels designed to suit the mood of the stamps.

As a 2nd-class stamp, the traditional Angel can be used for various other greetings in addition to Christmas greetings. For most Finnish people, the angel image conjures up warm childhood memories.

2013 is a year of celebration of Finnish Christmas stamps, as the first ones were published 40 years ago on November 15, 1973. In the first Christmas stamps designed by Pirkko Vahtero, a reindeer pulls Santa in a sleigh through the snow.

Children on new Netherlands stamps..

Here is another nice set of stamps from Netherlands featuring children.



These 2013 Children’s Welfare Stamps were issued by PostNL on 4th November 2013. This year’s Children’s Welfare Stamps were photographed and designed by Anton Corbijn. Earlier this year, on behalf of PostNL and the Foundation for Children’s Welfare Stamps Netherlands, Corbijn visited an educational project in Ethiopia to take photographs for the new series of Children’s Welfare Stamps.


Date of Issue : 4 November 2013

The stamps highlight the contrast between children who attend school and children who have to work. Three children play a leading role on the stamp sheetlet, whereby each of the three is photographed both at school and at work.

Primary school children in years 7 and 8 will hit the streets to sell the Children’s Welfare Stamps. The proceeds from the Children’s Welfare Stamps will be used to help vulnerable children in the Netherlands and abroad. PostNL has issued Children’s Welfare Stamps to raise money for child welfare projects since 1924. The surcharge is €0.30 per stamp.

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