27 November 2013

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Cover from Poland


Mnay Thanks to Andrzej Bek For this nice cover !!

Christmas stamps from Guernsey

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Music has long been a feature of the Christmas season and its celebrations. Whilst the earliest chants, litanies, and hymns were Latin works intended for use during the church liturgy, rather than popular songs, over time the words and music has evolved.

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Today’s musical Christmas celebrations comprise a variety of genres from traditional carols, emotive melodic arrangements, to fun “sing-a-long” favourites.

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To celebrate the 2013 festive season Guernsey Post has chosen to focus on the entertaining song “When Santa got stuck up the chimney.” The charming images on the stamps, created by talented artist Nick Watton, imaginatively bring the lyrics to life.  Not much is known about the song’s history, originally a folk song the popular version we’re familiar with today has been performed by many artists over the years including Jimmy Grafton.

Stamp Descriptions:

35p – Santa gliding past the window;
40p- Santa lands on the roof;
53p – Santa is stuck in the chimney;
55p – Children pulling Santa out;
63p – Santa sneezing;
71p – Santa leaves presents;
79p – Santa continues on his way.

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