05 September 2013

Special Cancellation of Teacher’s Day..



Bihar Circle,  issued a special cancellation on the occasion of "125th Birth anniversary of Dr S. Radhakrishanan" on 05-09-2013 (Teacher’s Day) at Philatelic Bureau, Patna GPO. The special Cancellation consists of message about reverence for teacher. The special Cancellation has been conceptualized and designed by Sri Lalit Kumar Mishra (Patna based Philatelist). The said special Cancellation issued by Sri K.K. Jha, Chief Postmaster Patna GPO in presence of Sri Umesh Chandra Prasad, Deputy Chief Postmaster (Admin), and eminent Philatelists & official staff  were present.


: Pradip Jain -  Patna

: Philatelic Bureau – Patna

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