12 September 2013

New stamps from Poland


Folk Art - Traditional National Costumes


Date of Issue 11 September 2013

Polish Post issued a beautiful souvenir sheet on 11 September featuring traditional costumes of Poland.


Priority and economic stamp in circulation for registered mail

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Date of Issue : 20 September 2013

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From our Readers……

Urdu Philatelic Poem

Here is a combination of philately and Urdu poetry, a philatelic Ghazal sent by our distinguished reader Deepak Dube from Korba (Chhattisgarh). The ghazal from Mr Dube is under the title 'Vaah Daak', seeks to capture  the passion , purpose and purport of Philately . The poetic merit of the piece is that it is a proper Urdu ghazal , set in a traditional Urdu  meter. Hindi and Urdu Readers can read and understand the poem “ Vaah Daak ”….

Mr Deepak Dube writes…

Ghazals, conventionally, do not have a title as every couplet (sher) of it is supposed to be on an independent thought. But, if a poetic piece is in the form of a ghazal and yet has a single subject or thought running continuously through it , it becomes a "musalsal" ('continuous') ghazal , and , as such , qualifies to a title ; just as the present ghazal does. It would  not be exaggerated to claim that 'Vaah Daak' is the first proper metrical Urdu composition on the subject of Philately.

Vaah Daak !

[ Musalsal Ghazal ]

Tikat ke dum pe lifafon ko raah milti hai

Aur unke shauq mein hum ko panaah 1 milti hai


Panaah de ke hifaazat 2 ki ik virasat 3 ko

Panaah-e-dil 4 mein khushi be-panaah 5 milti hai

2. Preservation . 3.Heritage4. Haven of the Heart . 5 Immeasurable

Voh card hon , ki lifafey, muhar, tikat hon ki taar

Saji ho unse kahaani to vaah milti hai

Tikat tikat pe kahaani hai uske aalam 6 ki

Khushi kahin , to kahin unpe aah milti hai

6.. World -context

Parakh sako to numayan 7 hain daak mein heerey

Nigah 8 rakho to guhar 9 se nigaah milti hai

7. Evident 8. Same as nigaah . 9. Pearl

Kahey koi ki faqat daak mein hai kya rakkhaa

Magar vahaan se bhi duniya ki thaah milti hai


Havas 10 ke daur mein bas daak-paat ki hasarat

Yahi hai baat jo kuchh be-gunaah 11 milti hai

10. Greed11. Innocuous

Kamaal ho ke muqaddar ka , daak bhi aksar

Kahin to khoob 12, kahin kham-khvaah 13 milti hai

12. Well-deserved . 13 . Needless

Ye kam nahin hai nafasat 14 ki raah mein ' Danish'

Ki subha dil mein bas ik khat ki chaah milti hai

14. Sophistication


- Deepak 'Danish'

email : deepakdube@ntpc.co.in

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