28 September 2013

New stamps on Lighthouses..



Date of Issue : 26 September 2013

Croatian Post issued a set of three postage stamps featuring famous Croatian lighthouses – Pločica, Stončica and Sućuraj.


Pločica 43° 01,8′ N / 016° 49,2′ E: many respectable European and American magazines have published their reports about the beauties of the tourist offer of Pločica and its underwater world, and now these beauties are also evidenced on the stamp.


Stončica 43° 04,4′ N / 016° 15,6′ E: the lighthouse building is unusual and is unlike any other on the eastern part of the Adriatic. Because of very important strategic position, the building also functioned as a barrack and for the reasons of defence it was digged into firm rocks of the promontory.


Sućuraj 43° 07,5′ N / 017° 12,1′ E: the lighthouse building with the tower is the best preserved historical monument in this part of the island of Hvar. From the lighthouse there is a path to the village Sveti Juraj (St. George) and the well known Grapčeva Cave

Club News

Stamp exhibition on Sri Aurbindo and The  Mother


A  philatelic exhibition solely on Sri Aurobindo and The Mother was held in Kolkata from 15 – 17 August 2013. Perhaps, It was  the first ever philatelic exhibition solely on Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. 15th August is the birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo.


In the  exhibition 52 pages, covering all stamps, max-cards, FDC, Special covers , picture post cards and photo cards on Sri Aurobindo and on The Mother were displayed. Mr Souvik Roy was invited to present his collection in this exhibition. Around 1500 visitors viewed the exhibition.

: Souvik Roy – Kolkata

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