22 September 2013

New stamps on Wildlife


  A Journey Through Africa



The Isle of Man Post Office issued  a miniature sheet showcasing the African pictures of renowned Island-based wildlife artist Jeremy Paul and a set of six stamps which features original artwork by Jeremy Paul “Big Cats” on 13 September 2013.

From Kenya, Tanzania & Zambia,Botsawana  & South Africa


Date of Issue : 12 September 2013

image image image

Date of Issue : 13 September 2013

“Big Cats” is a term used to cover some of the most charismatic species of cat – these are the top predators .

image image image

They are powerful, we view them with awe and respect, we may fear them, but above all we are seduced by their beauty. All are in danger – mostly due to habitat loss, poaching and persecution. Most now inhabit a tiny fraction of their original range and many are confined to national parks and reserves. The issue also encompasses the 2013 SEPAC theme of wildlife represented by the tiger stamp.Both Big Cats and the Journey Through Africa issues showcase the work of the CITIES animal protection organization.


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