09 September 2013

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Date of Issue : 9 September 2013

Delhi, Sep 9 (ANI): Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh released a postage stamp in the memory of late freedom fighter and former Member of Parliament Lala Jagat Narayan here today.Speaking on the occasion, Dr Singh said that Jagat Narayan, a journalist, was a great son of the nation who laid down his life opposing terror forces in the country.


The Prime Minister said, Narayan's message is of special importance to journalists in the present times.He said, Narayan's life teaches how a journalist has to practice his profession honestly, boldly and without favour in these tough times.


Lala Jagat Narayan (b. 31 May 1899 − d. 9 September 1981) was the founder of the Hind Samachar group and a Congress Party leader.

The stamp was released in presence of a host of dignitaries, including Union Ministers, Chief Ministers of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh and Punjab Deputy Chief Minister besides Editor-in-Chief and CEO of Punjab Kesari newspaper Vijay Chopra.

Singh said Jagat Narain, in his career as a journalist, had opposed efforts to control the media and "his fearlessness is an example".

Highlighting that Jagat Narain had opposed terrorists and had to pay with his life, the Prime Minister said he had left an important message on the role of media -- "a journalist should be honest, fearless and neutral while performing duty, even in trying circumstances".

The veteran journalist was shot dead near Ludhiana on this day in 1981 when terrorism in Punjab was at its peak.

Singh recalled that Jagat Narain left his studies at the age of 21 and joined the Non-Cooperation Movement on the appeal of Mahatma Gandhi.

Even in jail, he contributed to the freedom struggle by working as a secretary to Lala Lajpat Rai, he said.

He was again jailed for three years for participating in the Quit India Movement and spent a total of nine years behind the bars during the freedom struggle.

- See more at: http://www.punjabnewsline.com/punjab/pm-releases-stamp-on-veteran-journalist-lala-jagat-narain/86376#sthash.nnyQ9fBy.dpuf

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