08 September 2013

Pets and Children’s Health



Date of Issue : 4 September 2013

Here are new stamps from New Zealand featuring pets and children. For many children growing up in the country, pets become important members of the family, and cherished friends. Children learn valuable life skills such as responsibility, empathy and self confidence by caring for their pets, which rely on them for food, shelter and unconditional love.


Similar life lessons are instilled in New Zealand children through the seven Children’s Health Camps throughout the country. On 18 April 2013, Te Puna Whaiora Children’s Health Camps launched its new name, Stand Children’s Services, Tu Maia Whanau. Stand Children’s Services aims to nurture the dreams and aspirations of our nation’s children, allowing them to find their turangawaewae, their ‘place to stand’.

New Zealand Post is continuing to support Children’s Health Camps under its new name. The 10-cent surcharge on each stamp in this issue will go directly to Stand Children’s Services, and will help to ensure that vulnerable New Zealand children receive the attention and care they deserve.

The three stamps in this special issue illustrate a rural New Zealand childhood, and the special role that pets play in growing up in the country.

70c +10c – Lamb

This 70c gummed stamp depicts a young boy in his gumboots preparing milk to feed his pet lamb. Just as children need special care as they grow up, so do our pets, and the skills children learn looking after young animals are valuable later in life.

$1.40 + 10c – Piglet

This $1.40 gummed stamp portrays a young girl reading a story to her pet piglet and stuffed toy dragon. The endearing scene reflects the love that children feel for their pets, and the important role that pets play in the lives of children growing up in the country.

70c + 10c – Goat (self-adhesive)

This 70c self-adhesive stamp depicts a young boy alongside his cheeky pet goat that he has taken to school for ‘Pet Day’ - a popular event at which country kids share their goats, lambs, calves and other animals with their classmates. This self-adhesive stamp is also available in a sheet of 100 – perfect for your postage needs.

Source : New Zealand Post

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