23 September 2013

New stamps from Switzerland…


Farm Animals

image image

Date of Issue : 5 September 2013


Swiss Post issued a set of four stamps featuring farm animals.  The domesticated animals have amazing capabilities. Farm animals are only what humans make them into ... They give a big contribution to the society. Hen, cow Sheep and pig have been featured  on the stamps. All these four farm animals have important roles.


Cities of Switzerland

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Date of Issue : 5 September 2013

ON 5th September Swiss Post issued another set of stamps showing cities of Switzerland. The “stamp project” undertaken by the Basel School of Design on behalf of Swiss Post in summer 2011 brought together 64 students of different ages from the graphic design course. The idea behind it was for the budding graphic designers to give the nine largest Swiss cities a fresh, modern, urban look for a series of nine special stamps. In 2013, Lorena Falivene, Eveline Maio and Selina Locher take  to the shores of Lake Geneva, the capital of Zähringen and the city on the River Eulach into the gateway to Eastern Switzerland.


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