28 October 2012

World Energy Forum 2012


World Energy Forum 22 –24 October 2012, Dubai


World Energy Forum is an International Not  – For - Profit Membership Organization which promotes cleaner and safer energy and sustainable development worldwide. The Organization was founded in 2008 by Professor Harold Hyun -Suk Oh, who heads the Organization as President and Chairman. Its Executive Director is Dr. Dinesh Kumar.

Dr. Harold Hyunsuk Oh,introduced his concept of a new smart energy movement citing the need for a new energy paradigm. The three-day event was held in Dubai from 22 to 24 October 2012  to boost the international cooperation and exchange of expertise to ensure safe and clean sustainable energy, which would achieve economic and social welfare for the people.

UAE 4   

Its Goal & Objective:

  • Promotes universal access to reliable and adequate supply of all forms of energy
  • Facilitates sustainable energy policies that spur economic growth and global environmental protection
  • Supports global collaboration on energy technologies to secure future energy supplies and improved energy efficiency, development and deployment of low carbon technologies
  • Finds solutions to global energy challenges through technological engagement and dialogue


Dubai was selected to host this event after fierce competition from other international venues and cities. The World Energy Forum 2012 will take place for the first time outside of the United Nations Headquarters. The World Energy Forum chose Dubai as a venue to host this event because of Dubai's geographic and strategic location; its status as a global hub of finance, business, trade, energy, and tourism; and because of the political stability of the United Arab Emirates.


Emirates Post has issued a set of 4 commemorative stamps to mark the 50th WEF 2012 in addition to a distinctive Souvenir Sheet.

Mr Kenneth Sequeira may be contacted for Mint stamps, SS & FDC's at email :  kenneth.sequeira@hotmail.com

- Kenneth Sequeira, Dubai (UAE)


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