24 October 2012

The world's first pop-up stamps from Netherlands




On 8 October 2012, PostNL issued the world's first pop-up stamps. The stamp sheet with the three-dimensional stamps on the occasion of the Children's Book Week is a world first. The special paper architecture changes the 2D character of these two stamps into 3D after pulling out the cardboard slider.


The stamps themselves as well as the front and back of the sheetlet show illustrations of plants, animals and elements that feature in the Children's Book Week Picture Book Hallo! These illustrations were made by Fleur van der Weel. On the part of the stamp that folds out, a bird and a butterfly are pictured taking flight, as it were. The trunk of an elephant and the neck of a giraffe are displayed in the horizontal area underneath.

This stamp is even more special because it can be placed upright. It is a pop-up stamp with a front and a back plus a secret inside. Thus, it was important that the design be simple for this fold-out 3D stamp. Designers Hans and Sabine Bockting laid the basis for a well thought-out concept. Fleur van der Weel was delighted to be able to receive the first copy of the stamps from the hands of Arno Bijnen of PostNL during the Children's Book Ball on 2 October.

The stamps are available  at € 5.00 per sheet at the Bruna shops, the Collect Club in Groningen and online via
www.postnl.nl/collectclub. The period of validity is indefinite. The designation on these stamps is Nederland 5, which means that they are for letterbox packets weighing up to 500 grams destined for addresses within the Netherlands. In addition to the stamp sheet featuring two different stamps, a stamp booklet and a first day cover* will also be issued.

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