03 October 2012

Traditional costumes of Russia and Ukraine…



Date of Issue : 21 September 2012

Russian national costume has been used since ancient times to the present day. It has features which depend on the region. Russian national costume is characterized by a great amount of clothing. Clothing is divided into shuffled on and buttoned. The first type was worn over the head; second one was cut from top to bottom and fastened with hooks or buttons.

The stamp depicts the inhabitants of Vologda gubernia in ceremonial attire: a young man dressed in festive attire and girl in clothes of promised in marriage, as well as emblem of the RCC.


Generous Ukraine


Date of Issue : 1 September 2012

The Ukrainian Post has issued a beautiful block of stamps dedicated to the gifts of the generous Ukrainian summer. The stamp issue features a girl as symbol of Ukraine wearing a costume made from festival flowers and berries. The stamps feature French marigold (Tagetes patula), Mallow (Alcea rosea), Wild strawberries (Fragaria vesca), and Wild cherry (Cerasus vulgaris).

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