25 October 2012

Festivals of India – Kullu Dussehra





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This is festive time in Kullu . We have a week long Dussehra festival here.. Dhalpur ground is glittering and dancing with local deities in the melody of Kullu…. The ground is surrounded by  lots of stalls of Kullu shawls, handicrafts and local Kullu cuisine Siddu, Jalebis and pakore and Momos…  !! People could be seen everywhere in festive mood ….We have a great time here so I am a bit late in writing my blog about Kullu Dussehra !!

kullu 3

The week-long Kullu Dussehra festival got off to a spectacular start with the traditional Rath Yatra of Lord Raghunathji at sprawling Dhalpur Maidan at Kullu. The Kullu Dussehra celebrations are different from celebrations in other parts of the country as no effigy of Ravana or Kumbhkarna is burnt and Ramlila is staged.The Kullu Dussehra dates back to 1637 AD when Raja Jagat Singh was the ruler of the valley.


kullu A 

The celebrations commence on 'Vijaya Dashmi' day and over 250 local deities of the valley assemble and camp at Dhalpur maidan for a week to pay obeisance to Lord Raghunathji, the presiding deity.

 Kullu B

Kullu Dussehra is a mixture of history, culture and customs and the entire valley remains in festive mood with religious fervour for one week and the Raja of Kullu remains the star attraction during the festival.

Kullu 2

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