30 October 2012

Traditional Festive Food – Indian Cuisine


Indian Themes on foreign stamps

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Hi ! This is festive time specially in Kullu, the place where I live. A week long International Dussehra festival is going to conclude today…..In celebration of this festival, here is a special Post on Indian Cuisine.. by Kenneth Sequiera . Have a wonderful Time !!

Indian cuisine is very popular in Southeast Asia, due to the strong Hindu and Buddhist cultural influence in the region. Indian cuisine has had considerable influence on Malaysian cooking styles. Indian influence on Malay cuisine dates to the 19th century. Other cuisines which borrow inspiration from Indian cooking styles include Bhutanese,Singaporean, Filipino, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, and Burmese. The spread of vegetarianism in other parts of Asia is often credited to Hindu and Buddhist practices.

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Malaysian Indian cuisine of the ethnic Indians in Malaysia is similar to its roots in India, especially South India although there are many notable foods with influences from North India too.  This cuisine consists of curries which uses a lot of spices, coconut milk, and curry leaves. Some of the most popular curries include chicken curry, fish curry, and squid curry.

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Mamak dishes have developed a distinctly Malaysian style. Mamak stalls or restaurants are particularly popular among the locals as they offer a wide range of food and some outlets are open 24 hours a day. A type of Indian Muslim meal served buffet-style at specialist Mamak eateries is called nasi kandar (analogous to the Indonesian nasi padang, where you pay for what you have actually eaten), white rice or briyani rice served with other dishes of curry either with chicken, fish, beef, or mutton, and usually accompanied with pickled vegetable and papadums.

Examples of some Malaysian Indian Cuisine are Banana leaf rice, Roti Canai (paratha), Tandori Chicken, Pasembur (Salads), Nasi Lemak (veg), Chapati, Nasi Biryani, Idli, Paneer, Rasam, Sambar, Maggi goreng, Putu mayam(Idiyappam), Thosai, etc.

Deserts like Payasam, Cendol & Ais kacang and drinks like Teh tarik (tea), Lassi, Chennai filter coffee. Snacks like Murukku, Appalam, Pakora, Bonda, Gulan Jamun, Halva and Jalebi.

Malaysia released 5 stamps in 2010 as part of Traditional festive foods having Indian influence.

- Kenneth Sequeira, Dubai (UAE)

email : kenneth.sequeira@hotmail.com

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