20 October 2012

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INPX 2013 – National Stamp Show (21 – 25 February 2012)

Organized by Philatelic Society of India in collaboration with India Post

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Stamp and Coin Fair in Mumbai

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A Stamp and Coin exhibitions will be held in Mumbai from  3 – 5 Nov at Kohinoor Hall opp,. to Dadar East Rly station. It is a joint venture of Kutch Hobby Circle and Je Cee Enterprise

: A.V.Jeyachandran, Email : collexons@yahoo.co.in


Miniature Sheet : Philately Day

India Post issued a Souvenir Sheet on October 12, 2012 on the occasion of Philately Day.


I think no proper planning was made for issuing that important Souvenir Sheet. The Designer of India Post simply copied the design from earlier issued M.S.( Date of Issue .4th. October.2004,on occasion of 150 years of India Post).

- Hemant Kr. Jain, Mandla (MP)

Stamp Exchange

I am an old stamp collector started in 1940 and continued till 1965. Between 65 to 2000 there was a break due to my professional involvement in my profession. I have again started from 2000. I now find stamp collection hobby to very much changed from the earlier years and has become more difficult to get used stamps. This is due to complete change in the postal delivery system as the postal authorities have resorted to franking, (non use of stamps), courier, non use of postal stamps in Registration & Speed post, franking of parcel are foreign air mail, use of private courier services, greater use of internet, mobile telephone, etc. Postal authorities do take out commemorative stamps and sell mostly 70% to large rich collectors, local dealers foreign stamps collectors are dealers, all in larger quantities. Only about 30% are sold by the Philatelic Bureau to individual/retail collectors and are rarely allocated to counter retail sale at the post offices. As a result Commemorative stamps are not seem/used by Indian public at large. Young Indian Collectors rarely see Commemorative stamps & thus are not attracted to this hobby. During the time I was actively collecting stamps from 1940 - 1965 I could collect so many beautiful and valuable stamps mainly by exchanging with individuals in India and Overseas. It was  a pleasure and a very good past time. Presently Philatelic  Hobby has become for the rich people by collecting / buying MINT stamps in large numbers.

       I have collected more than 50000 stamps all arranged in 9 stamps albums according to Stanley Gibbons Catalogue as my base. I am still interested in exchanging stamps from Indian collectors and would like to share with them my experience of the past 50 years. My current interest is as under.

1) Exchange MINT India stamps from 2004 to 2012 to complete the series. From Philatelic Bureau I cannot get all the stamps and I have almost 40% missing. I would like to exchange for the missing stamps. A list of stamps needed and the extras I can offer in return will be sent. To be fair I offer exchange on the basis of year by year i.e. 2004 for 2004 and so on. Any deviation are acceptable by mutual discussion.

2) Can exchange FDC and Miniature sheets

3) Can exchange used Indians Commemorative stamps of 15p, 25p, 30p, 35p, 50p and 60p. Stamps with similar denominated stamps based on wanted list in order to complete the issues of the relevant period.

4) Can exchange Foreign stamps with Indian commemorative stamps on the basis of 1 for 1 or Scott 2008 catalogue.

5) Can buy Indian commemorative stamps of Rs4 and Rs.5/- all currently used from 1998 onwards individually or in lots of 25, 50, 50 single and multiple copies.

- N. K. Jain  : Email : hemlatajain@gmail.com

Add.: 3C Monisha, ST. ANDREWS Road,

Bandra (W) Bombay – 400 050. (India)

Tel.: 91-22-26401333  Mob.: 09869007809

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