04 March 2011

Stamp Festival and Exhibition in Europe….



Nordia 2011 – A big show

This year, Nordia 2011, the Nordic stamp exhibition, will be organized in Jyvaskyla, Finland, on April 1-3. The exceptionally large-scale exhibition has one of the greatest collections among all stamp exhibitions organized in Europe this year.

Itella Posti (Finland) will publish new stationeries and stamp the first day postmark on them at the exhibition. In addition to Posti, the event will be participated by all other Nordic postal services, as well as those from Estonia and Germany.



Stamp Festival in France

The French Post has issued a stamp dedicated to the Stamp Festival 2011.

In France, the Stamp Festival is held every year since 1938. Since December 1944 the French Post has been issuing a postage stamp on this occasion. Until 1999 this stamp was focused on the postal history, after on comic books or literature characters to attract the young audience.

In 2010-2011 the Stamp Festival supports artistic creation and is committed to sustainable development. In 2010, the theme chosen for the traditional Stamp Festival was water; the theme of this year is devoted to the Earth. The first stamp issued at this occasion is a stamp repeating the design of French definitive stamps, the very famous Marianne. On the left side of the stamp is written "Let's protect the Earth" and shows a hand planting a plant.


From our Readers……


Doot Magazine old and new cancelled with Doot stamp and First Day cancellation

Prepared by Vijay Modi, Himmat Nagar ( Gujarat)

email : vijay_idom@rediffmail.com



Rainbow at INDIPEX 2011 -

- Jagannath Mani, Bangalore


The Violet reminds me the fire works of "Exhibitors"


The Indigo reminds me the shadows of "New Philatelist"


The Blue reminds me the rain of "Khadi stamp"


The Green reminds me the the Pickles of "My stamps"


The Yellow reminds Me the Bumble bee daily Indipex 2011 news "show daily"


The Orange reminds me the sour taste of the orange of "INDIPEX 2011" when some officials found sitting on the mat and collecting the exhibits at "INDIPEX 2011


The Red reminds me the lady bug of the Indian Post "The Organizing committee"


At last after I saw walking India post box unable to receive any letter and few kids were enjoying and smile on their faces I have seen the rainbow  in word INDIPEX .

- Jagannath Mani

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