14 March 2011

New WWF stamps ...

WWF stamp

Date of Issue – 22 March 2011

The Royal Mail will issue a set of 10 stamps, a miniature sheet and a prestige stamp book to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of WWF on 22 March 2011.

WWF is the world’s most experienced environmental charity and in 2011, it celebrates its 50th anniversary. Created in 1961, the World Wildlife Fund, as it was then known, was formed by a group of eminent wildlife experts who launched the conservation organisation to tackle environmental problems across the world.
Royal Mail is issuing a total of 14 stamps to mark the anniversary of the foundation of the WWF. 2011 is the UN Year of Forests, and forests are the Post Europ theme and we will be celebrating this through a separate four-stamp miniature sheet that looks at the species of the Amazon Rain Forest.



The ten selected animals are African Elephant, Mountain Gorilla, Siberian Tiger, Polar Bear, Amur Leopard, Iberian Lynx, Red Panda, Black Rhinoceros, African Wild Dog and the Golden Lion Tamarin.

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The miniature sheet consists of four stamps featuring animals from the Amazon rain forest. Forests are the 2011 Post Europ theme and the 1st class stamp will bear the Post Europ logo.



The four species from the Amazonian rain forest are 1st Class - Spider Monkey, 60p - Hyacinth Macaw, 88p - Poison Dart Frog and 97p - Jaguar. GODALMING, SURREY was chosen as the postmark as it is the location of the WWF headquarters.


WWF Coin Cover

The coin cover features the miniature sheet together with a brilliant uncirculated WWF commemorative 50p set.


WWF Prestige Stamp Book


WWF Stamp Cards

Fifteen postcards bearing enlarged images of each of the WWF stamps and the miniature sheet.

: Royal Mail

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