11 March 2011

New Stamp on Easter..



Date of Issue – 4 March 2011

On 4 March 2011, the Slovak Post issued a new stamp to commemorate Easter, the most important Christian festival. A beautiful Maxim Card in sparkling colors  was also issued.

Just like the blood of the Lamb of God saved the old Israelites in ancient Egypt from ten plagues of God, the death of Jesus Christ saved all Christians from eternal damnation. Therefore, the lamb became a symbol not only of Jesus Christ, but also of the Easter.

Old Slavs used to place painted eggs of clay to the dead into their graves. In Christianity, the egg is interpreted as a symbol of the closed grave from which Christ rose from the dead as a symbol of immortality. The folk tradition is connected with the custom of painting these eggs. The reason for eating eggs at Easter was probably the fact that it was not allowed to eat eggs in Lent. Similarly, the character of the Easter bunny, which now brings children chocolate eggs, has the archaic origin. In various cultures, the bunny is very often an attribute of immortality or resurrection, just like the motif of chick, which is hatched from the egg.

This year's issue of postage stamp dedicated to Easter displays the aforementioned symbolism in the form of traditional sweets typical for different regions of Slovakia. The stamp shows the Lamb of God - Agnus Dei with topping of whipped egg whites. FDC pictures the Easter chicks of egg whites with chocolate-butter cream decorated with marzipan, which also fall within the broader framework of folk art.




: Slovak Post

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