07 March 2011

66 Years old letter arrives its destination…..


 66 7ears



Last fortnight, the U.S. Postal Service delivered a handwritten letter to its address in central California. The letter was postmarked in Montgomery, Ala. The date on the postmark is Aug. 9, 1944. Yes, 1944.

It's good for a laugh — the term "snail mail" takes on a whole new meaning — but the hope is there's a touching side to this story, and that its intended recipient, or her relatives, may still be found.The letter is addressed to :

"Miss R.T. Fletcher, American Red Cross Station Hospital, Camp Roberts, California."

As one might imagine, Miss Fletcher is no longer at Camp Roberts. The letter was delivered to Gary McMaster, the volunteer curator for the Camp Roberts Historical Museum.

The letter is still sealed, but unfortunately, the return address on the envelope has been torn off. All that remains are the address and the postmark.

McMaster thinks that, judging from the exposed corner, the letter is about three or four handwritten pages.Read More…

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100years of airmail


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