02 March 2011

INDIPEX 2011….Memories and experiences..



Hi ! After a long time I got some time to share here my experiences at INDIPEX…. I spent two days there but the time  seemed to be very short in the big show. Many stalls were left to visit. But it was nice to see exhibits on a variety of subjects, meeting friends and philatelists from far off places….we were just moving from one hall to another……taking breaks at Cafeteria…The  special covers that were issued  during the exhibition were not available at a single counter that caused lot of problem so could not collect the covers.  This should have been managed properly as people were visiting on different dates and there was no arrangement to get previous day covers. A long queue at My Stamp counter….which was further subdivided into other sub counters for submitting form, clicking photo…getting print outs…etc… All these could be managed well by staff of managing committee. The only  lobby  in the exhibition hall was always occupied with limited sitting arrangement…so it was causing a bit tiredness and it was difficult to get any chair to chat with the friends….the only way was to go to the crowded cafeteria and look for the chairs if any available… with an order of tea or coffee.


Dinesh Sharma, Naresh Agarwal, Ajay Srivastav,Jagannath Mani


With Naresh Agarwal and  Shri Thevarayan Srinivasan from Klang- Malaysia

With Friends from far off places…….

Another disappointing part of the exhibition was display of result on 16th  in  5-6 point font which was not readable. On 17th the Literature Class entries were displayed  in the lobby of exhibition hall with the medal tags. That was really good as visitors could see and read  the books and periodicals… and of course the participants were also satisfied to see that their books/magazines were not locked up in almirah but were given a chance of display among the visitors but it would have been highly appreciated if displayed 3-4 days before or better on the very first day…


Photo Point of the hall. Many got clicked their pics here…

Being participant in Literature class, I was more concerned  with this class and what I found that Indian entries were not awarded well as seven entries were given Certificate of Participation in which some entries recently won awards in national and International exhibitions. This appeared to be  unfair judging in this class. The most striking example was the entry of Mr Praful Thakkar of Ahmedabad which received Silver Bronze medal in last two International Exhibitions, POTUGAL 2010 & Joburg 2010 and a Silver medal at SINE, National Exhibition four months back. But here it was awarded just a certificate of Participation…..Some other entries in Literature class that got CP had won International  awards earlier. It is really disappointing that out of 12 CPs, seven Indian entries were awarded 7 CPs.   However some  non English  entries got high level medals. It could be clearly seen that Indian entries were down graded.

DSCN0202 DSCN0217

1. Entertaining the kids and visitors     2. Sometimes the hall looked deserted….

Besides all these shortcomings…the best part of the exhibition was wonderful venue…high quality Frames (Though with dim lights)……good arrangement of foreign and Indian stalls……big gathering of philatelists from different parts of India and abroad. Well decorated halls with cultural as well as philatelic touch. But Khadi Stamp confused every one…What is its actual no. of prints ?? If Separate Khadi stamp apart from MS will be available in future ???? If MS without Presentation Pack will be available at Rs 100 ?? and many more questions still in the mind of philatelists…..


The Last Visitor…

: Photo – Jagannath Mani, Bangalore

After my return I found that I missed  to meet many of my friends…and failed to visit many stalls and also could not give enough time to some visitors of my blog who recognized me at the venue…I really feel sorry….Memories come to my mind again and again…I am overwhelmed with the feeling of philatelic fraternity which seems to be the best part of the exhibitions besides enjoying exhibits we exchange our views with each other and get a chance to meet some, whom we never met in person and just know through exchange of emails……..now.looking forward to meeting again many new and old  friends with a hope in future for another wonderful show……..



From our Readers……..

My INDIPEX visit….

- Cdr G.Sriramarao I.N.(Retd.)

hpqscan0003 hpqscan0004

I was anxiously waiting to  visit  the Indipex 2011 mainly to see great exhibits and meet lot of Philatelic friends and make new friends. I landed on the first day itself when it opened at 2 p.m. I was there for the first three days and  expected thrilling and many great experiences which I can remember for ever, as this is the first world philatelic exhibition I am seeing.


I enjoyed going through various exhibits during these three days which was an unforgettable experience for me.Whether they are one frame or 8 frames every one deserves great appreciation. Only unfortunate thing is the lighting at the halls where the exhibits were displayed was not good compared to the excellent lighting at various stalls.I personally felt people could have enjoyed better by not straining too much to see the exhibits if the lighting was good.


Those of the  visitors who booked for Gandhi stamp on line were very busy to collect  the Khadi stamp of Mahatma Gandhi on the day of its release i.e the first day.To my horror I found large queues one for paying money for the stamps by producing the print out of the acknowledgment from the Indipex when the stamps were booked and the other queue to collect the stamps by producing the payment receipt and identity card.I failed to understand why both the jobs couldn't  have been done at the same counter to speed up issue. There was melee at certain times and people tried to jump queue and also by 15.45 the staff at counter stated the stocks have exhausted. They got the fresh stock  around 1700 hrs and  issued to those in line. People have wasted nearly 3  hrs just to collect the stamps. I found from the third day onwards it was easy to get these stamps.


After collecting the stamps when I went for cancellation being provided in another counter I was shocked to see the cancellation being provided which did not dry up for almost 10 to 15 minutes. Couldn't the authorities of Indipex provide metered cancellation which could have been very clear especially because these are being sold in the International exhibition, and secondly it is the first stamp in the world issued on Khadi cloth as advertized by them..Thirdly they could have sold stamps of Rs.100 also instead of selling only miniature sheets in special folders for Rs.250. For those who ordered these by post the Indipex authorities charged Rs.275 per stamp and when I have paid Rs.250 as postage for 10 stamps I found the actual postal charges were Rs.67. Why did they charge more money for no reason at all. they should charge the actual postage.

On the first day no one including the Indipex authorities in the exhibition could tell where the Philatelic Passport was being sold. On the second day luckily they were sold for Rs.100, at Indipex counter., and I am fortunate to get cancellations from almost 40 countries during my stay. Some of the cancellations provided were excellent.


'My Stamp' which has been introduced in India for the first time was a great attraction. There were long queues here as well and on the second day the stamps were issued in about 4 hrs. However on the third day the counters were opened at 1400 hrs though the authorities pasted notices that due to some technical problem counters will be opened at 1300 hrs. There was an announcement at 1500 hrs by one official that due to the unsolved technical problem they will accept applications and take photographs but the stamps will be sent only in the first week of March by post.. The official also announced that the 'My stamp' counters will be opened in many GPO'S in the near future and people should not rush to get them only in the exhibition.I am sure as and when they issue in GPO'S one can't get the Indipex print on them.


I have not written these comments just to point them out. International philatelic exhibition is  a great event when many visitors both from abroad and India visit. Lot of money is spent on the exhibition and postal department also made lot of money by selling Gandhi stamps, and special cover of the first flight for Rs.1000 and card for Rs.500, and the special cover with autograph of the pilots for Rs.5000.

We all should feel proud for getting an opportunity to conduct an exhibition of this magnitude in our country, when we should have gone into minute details. The cancellation provided on the special covers were also not good. They also should have been metered cancellations.

Any overall it was a great experience to see the prize winning  exhibits both from India and abroad, and also getting an opportunity to meet lot of friends.

Lastly I wish to convey my appreciation and appreciation of many visitors for bringing out the Indipex 2011 show daily on all the days. The daily news paper is printed on high quality paper and also the printing is excellent.Interesting news items photographs and details of stamps were covered on all the days.

It was good that there were many points where drinking water was available, however setting up a stall to sell food and snacks could have helped visitors. 

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