16 March 2011

Personalized stamps..



India Post should continue My Stamp project…

India Post issued 17 different sheetlets with 29 new different stamps during INDIPEX 2011 for MY Stamp series… These stamps are different  from those issued earlier. Some of them are new and all the stamps have been printed with inscription INDIPEX 2011 . These personalized stamps are in great demand and I am receiving mail from philatelists of different places who could not get these stamps and wish to get them. India Post may continue this project by receiving  orders on line. The photos could be sent by email as they had received earlier. 

my stamp

Many philatelists could not attend the exhibition and were deprived of these sheetlets. Since all these stamps are new  and postally valid  and must get a place in catalogue. All the stamps have been listed on website of Stamps of India . All 17 sheetlets could be viewed at Se-tenant stamps of India Blog. Click following links to view all these stamps and sheetlets.

Set of 17 Sheetlets with 29 new stamps - INDIPEX-2011

Stamps of India : Commemoratives 2011


Club News


New Special Cover on Jainism

Six different special covers on  Jainism were issued by UP Postal Circle in Kanpur during a Jain Festival.







: Ashwani Dubey, Gorakhpur

Request from a Reader…

To issue Stamp on Total solar eclipse 2012 by Australia Post….

This is Lisa Langer of Astro Philately Club Hobart Australia. We collect stamps and philatelic materials related to astronomy and organize stamp shows and competition related to stamps on astronomy.We also send request to various postal departments  to issue stamps and philatelic materials related to astronomy.Various countries issue commemorative stamps to commemorate astronomical  event like solar eclipse .On 14th November 2012  Total solar eclipse will be visible from North Eastern Australia.It will be a huge astronomical event.We are asking our friends in philatelic community  to request Australian postal department to issue a stamp commemorating the eclipse of 2012.

Please send a mail to: auspost@mailap.custhelp.com ,Hilary.Maddocks@auspost.com.au, Nathaniel.Gorman@auspost.com.au
and request them to issue stamp commemorating solar eclipse of 2012.

I shall be grateful if you keep my request.

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