06 March 2011

Centenary of Int. Woman’s Day…


On 3rd March, 2011, An Post issued 2 stamps commemorating Women's Rights. One stamp marks the centenary of International Women's Day. The other celebrates the founding of the Irish Women's Suffrage Federation.In the early years of the 20th century, women in Ireland and throughout Europe became increasingly vocal about their oppression and inequality at home, in the workforce and in elections. This continued a protest movement that had begun in Ireland in the last quarter of the 19th century; 1911 was a key year in the achievement of women's rights.

From our Readers…..

I am giving here the experiences of the visitors of INDIPEX with a hope, those who could not visit the show can have the feeling of their presence at the show through these memories….Mr Naresh Agarwal shares here his lively experiences of INDIPEX 2011 with the readers ……




                                                    - Naresh Agarwal

It was nice to read the experience of Mrs. Jeevan Jyoti’s visit to Indipex2011. She very skillfully yet politely narrated her findings and feelings.

It was a long awaited show for me also as I have been looking forward to visit it from the date when the dates of this show were declared. I could not visit the show for first three days which saw inauguration of the show and other events. But as usual for me the main reason to visit any show is always to meet my philatelic friends and share experiences with them. Old faces refreshes the memories and new faces adds to memory disc to be refreshed in future. Meeting new people, making new friends, sharing experiences and discussing various aspects of personal life and philatelic field .. is not only satisfying but beneficial too to upgrade collections, knowledge and strengthen the relationships. Indipex gave me opportunity to meet new people and old friends.

DSCN2358 DSCN2751

With  the veteransSh G. Madan Mohan Das & Sh Dhanjay Desai

For me the most memorable moment was when I sat on the carpet leisurely with my legs spread with my bags and other things scattered along with other two fellow friends at the space between the stalls and the display frames as I was badly tired. Indian culture has always been to use floor for sitting and not chairs. India post deserves thanks for putting very thick and soft carpet on the floor which instead of chairs. Lack of sufficient sitting arrangement showed the foreign visitor what exactly is Indian tradition and culture. I could see big meetings being held on the floor sitting on the carpet with pants stretched and wrinkled such as formation of Jain Stamp Club.

064 DSC00972

I could get my stamp printed only on 17th ordered on 15th after strong persuasion. I sent one by speed post and the other one had special cancellation on My stamp affixed on it when suddenly a few news channel camera teams caught me and asked about the stamps. I had very nice coverage with video shooting of my stamps and interview too. Though I could not see the channel in the night on TV but the moments were unforgetful as I still remember lots of people stood around myself while I was being shoot. India post deserves thanks for providing My Stamp facility.

DSCN2750 DSCN2753

With long time friends….Ajay Gupta,Mayank Kathiara, Anup Rout and Ajit Dash

Sitting in cafeteria and chatting with different friends from different parts of India certainly the moments I was looking forward. All senior, veteran and stalwarts of philately in India were in leisure and jubilant mood eager to enjoy each and every moment they got there. Channa Bhatura, Kulcha, Tea and coffee were the common menu for my lunch and to add to their taste was the nice company I had on the table every time. For me another good sight was to see foreigners enjoying the Indian stuffs in the only but open cafeteria there in Pragati Maidan. This single cafeteria served as a meeting place where chairs with table were available and a point where every one used to visit. So it basically served as meeting place.


At Cafeteria…Great Discussion with Great philatelists !!

( L to R  - Dinesh Sharma, Prashant Pandya, Myself, Dr Satyendra Agarwal, Dipok Dey, Madan Middha & Dr Satish Sondhi)

Dim lights on the display section with light music in air was set for the philatelist to peep in to the stamps with the musical and soothing atmosphere. I could feel the necessity of a torch which was required at some sections of display. But this light and shadow display was really nice to see. This helped me to cancel my decision to visit Lal Quila to see Light and Shadow show. 


With Sh Dipok Dey

The other beautiful part of the display arrangement was ‘ Khojo to Jaane”. I played this game with my other friends to locate particular frames several times as it took me good half an hour to find my own frames with my legs moving at very high speed. In fact, organizers had not put any guidelines or mark or locater for particulars frame as they wanted every philatelist to at least see all the frames once. Thanks for this great idea “Play and See” which certainly helped them.

Though we Indians have the habit of rushing in to not bothering to make queue but here I could see long queues in front of various counters covering the limited movement space in the stall section giving an impression of heavy demand and crowd. A lessen taught by deptt. to visiting Indian to learn how to make queue.

Indipex gave me nice opportunity to travel in METRO of New Delhi. Believe me or not, traveling in Matro gave me very nice experience. It is really a boom not only for the Dehlites but for other people of other parts of the India too who visit Delhi. Looking at various buildings, monuments and archeological stuffs in Delhi from the windows of Metro was a wonderful experience.

I asked at the reception counter to give me participants badge but I was asked that those had already been finished and there as no possibility of getting even one. After long persuasions I was given one. Such was the reception of this Indipex for participants.


I must appreciate the MAKE MY STAMP staff. They were keen, ready to listen and help too. May be experience was required particularly for those girls who were sitting on camera to click pics. I had to take help of Mr. Prashant Pandya to get myself nicely clicked and not kicked. It took about 5 clicks to finally come to a suitable image to be printed on my stamp. So was the case with Mr. Prashant. But I appreciate the attitude of the camera girl who was ready to take as my shorts as we wanted till we were satisfied with the image.

The ink used by the India post to cancel covers was the usual burnt carbon which took enough time to get dried. It was nice scene to see people getting good number of cancellations and then covers spread on the floor wherever they found place as it took 20-30 minutes So what a nice arrangement for the philatelists. Certainly this drying process gave them ample opportunity to look in to covers and cancellations carefully and applaud the India post for this help.

image  image

“Marketing of Gandhi in Philately” is the topic which I once long back thought to write upon but refrained. Here in Indipex , I was pleased to see the sales tactics / strategy of India Post to market Gandhi Ji. As I know, it was Gandhi Ji who promoted and wore khadi but here in stamp it was Khadi who promoted Gandhi Ji and also covered him. Rs 250/- for a hand cut small piece of Khadi with sketch of Gandhi printed with a pack which could hardly accommodate the sheet in its transparent pocket. I feel it would have been better if deptt. had served buyers with a khadi dhoti with big Gandhi Stamp printed on it instead of the stamp which otherwise too has many flaws regarding its denomination, quantity printed and of course printing quality. Yet philatelists are always happy to receive the faulty, errored and controversial philatelic commodity. Thanks to India post for providing this.


High quality steel frames certainly appealed me the most. This has become asset for Indian philatelists. As I gathered the lower row was little low to see the sheets easily. I suggest some attachments to be made to raise the frame by 2” so that they become easily readable for persons of average height. My heartiest thanks to India Post .Let’s see in future how these frames serves philately.

It is always a dream for philatelist to get award in a function in front of crowd who could know him and appreciate his efforts. But organizers had lack of time as they were overburdened with the other works. A small ceremony to please a few philatelists was arranged which most of the philatelists could not know even. I feel here my feelings were hurt a bit. Normally, it is not possible for every philatelist to be present in each and every show where he gets award .In normal such presence is hardly 30 to 35 %. I think some more time could have been given to give away prizes / awards to the winners who were present at the venue..


After coming back from Indipex, I have consulted my eye specialist to get my numbers changed because I might have to read very small letters in future too as I really had very very difficulty to check the results there at indipex which were printed in font 5/6 to help philatelists to test their eyes and eye sights to which I failed. Thanks India post for helping us. This will certainly help philatelists to find errors and flaws in stamps. Also may be it was the perception of India Post that “Yahhan saalon lage ho exhibit tayaar karne main wahan kuchh kshann agar award khojney main lagey to mazaa kuchh aur hi hota hai”. Well, thank to India post again.

I was advised by doctor to walk a few kilometers everyday but I could not start walking. I really thank India post for compelling me walk from gate to the hall which put me on the track of walking required. Though there were a few vehicles too to carry people from gate to hall but most of the people could not know that those were for them as there was no indication anywhere. Well, some old aged visitors did have trouble of walking down such distance.

Safety and security was certainly at its best after the inauguration of the show. But prior to that….I don’t know. I have heard of one incident of stealing away of one collection……… if it is so…I believe the matter must have been sorted out by now.

Without prejudice, I would admit, I enjoyed sitting in the lawns outside the halls, searched some of the material of my choice but failed to get. There were hardly any dealer in side the halls which could serve us as the prices were in pounds and dollars. We poor Indian philatelists can play in rupees only and watch dollars and pounds playing. So I did the same. Window shopping and street buying…the mool mantra of purchase for me.


While appreciating the high quality exhibits on display, I really feel sorry for those collectors who could not visit this show. They certainly missed a wonderful opportunity to see good exhibits at home. They would have learnt tremendously to improve their collections. My thanks to collectors from all over the world and India Post.

Dealers in India always have their different way of selling things. Looking in to huge prices of stalls , they rightly chose to be street sellers or room sellers than to be a stall holders. India post deserves thanks for providing them opportunity to get good deals sitting in their hotel room or on the soft grass of lush green lawns beside the fountain water.


Philatelic passport was like a journey of stamp and philatelists through the world under one roof. Moving from one stall to the other country stall was like moving from one country to the other. This concept was highly appreciated and appreciable too. These passports will certainly be an asset for those who toiled hard there to get it filled up fully. Well, will this passport really help one to move around the world with same in hand?

Rs 5000.00 for airmail carried cover will become an asset in future. I could only see the photograph of the cover. For me it flew and then flown away to the hands of Kings (Heavy Pockets)……. Any way, it was beautiful cover. Thanks India post for organizing this flight. Model of the plane placed in the exhibition hall was a beautiful piece. I did take photograph of the same.


Issuance of stamps and special covers was good deal. Eleven covers on different subjects certainly will help thematic collectors. I am surprised that why the prices of these covers were not kept as high as that of Khadi stamp. Anyway thanks to India post for keeping it reasonable.

Formation of Jain Philately group or may say group of philatelists collecting on Jain theme. This has certainly started a new trend in the field of thematic philately. I look forward for formation of some other such groups based on religion, culture, art, technology and other classes. However, we certainly have a good research on theme based philately. Again credit goes to India Post who gave such collector opportunity to come together and start the chapter.


Display of Literature class material and that to near the 4 sets of sofa sets the only place for leisure sitting for the visitors in side the halls added to the grace of the show as it was accessible to visitors who could turn the pages. I whole heatedly appreciate this move. India Post deserves thanks for the same. But I still have views in my memory disc when I could see a few tired old persons waiting for some one to get up so that he / she could get seat on sofa to give relief to their tired legs and body. Again “Revolving Chair Game”, even for elders.

Picture 086

Catalog of this world philatelic exhibition is really an asset to be preserved for ever. India post has seemed to take special care of this aspect by serving us with a catalog of heavy weight and  high quality printing  and images. The sharp and impressing colors of the images have been seen by one and all who held the copy of this esteemed catalog.It reminded me of Hindi films of east man color. As movies are the mirror of any country,so the stamps.As Eastman color has its importance in cinema history,it has in philately too. Thanks India post for such beautiful printing. People of the world should know how we preserve and depict our heritage and culture.Not to comment on articles. Though limited yet good. Of course, a few deserving ones sent to them were left out reasons best know to India Post

I truly appreciate the existence and working of exhibition secretariat which was located there only just about 50 steps up from inside the halls. Thanks to Ms. Kaveri Banerjee, Chair person of Indipex2011 who listened to each and every complain,suggestion and tried to implement the same. Good to see…Thanks. Chalo kuchh to rahat millee.........

There are certain more things in the memory disc but let me finish up here. I thanks all my friends and fellow philatelists who spared time with me ..not to name any one because the list is too big and every one is so close to me. But I thoroughly enjoyed the moments there and still feel I needed more time there. I admit these memories are my precious assets. For me meeting them was much more important rather getting a medal. I really lived philately for 4 full days and will go with me in my births to come…..if so

In the end, I would say that my observations / comments are not to hurt any one but to put a true picture of what I experienced there.We must  agree that healthy criticism is better than sole appreciation. I Thank India Post from the core of my heart for organizing such a huge show and made India proud. Thanks again.......... 

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Avinash B. Jagtap said...

The long but not tedious report of Mr. Naresh Agarwal upon his visit to the recent INDIPEX 2011 World philatelic exhibition is full of humour. He has scratched the persons concerned wearing soft silk handglows! I appreciate his way of writing with malice towards none and his criticism covering all the aspects of this grand show is commendable! Thanks Mr. Naresh for your observations. Those who are concerned will feel it, others will take lightly.
Avinash B. Jagtap (Binningen, Switzerland)

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