30 March 2011

New Stamps on Royal Wedding..



To be issued on 21 April 2011

The Royal Mail will issue two official stamps on 21 April to commemorate the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton.The stamps will feature photographs taken by Mario Testino to mark the couple's engagement .

It is the third time Prince William has appeared on a Royal Mail stamp - he was featured on a sheet of stamps to celebrate the Queen and the Queen Mother's 100th birthday in 2000 and in 2003 became the first member of the royal family to have a set of stamps produced to celebrate their 21st birthday.

He is also the first of the Queen's grandchildren to have their wedding commemorated on a set of stamps.

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Envelope with interesting Printing Error




I have a unique envelop of denomination 100 ps. (Rs.1) which I found from bunch of old household letters. The most important & unique thing of it is that, whatever is printed on outer side of envelop like national emblem, Satyamev Jayate, Bharat, INDIA, PIN, 100 is exactly reverse (mirror image) printed on the inner side of envelop, when it is totally open. I consider it as a major printing error.

I wanted to know more information about envelop from Postal Dept. So I used Right of information act, 2005. After a long correspondence with Indian postal dept. (Mumbai & New Delhi ) & Indian security press ( Nasik), I got following satisfactory & authentic information about my envelop.

 This envelop was printed in June 1990.

 Reverse printing on envelop is due to a kind of printing error called set off printing.

 From philately officials, I came to know that it was the first time they encounter with such type of reverse printing error & it is one of the first kinds of case in India.

 Indian security press (Nasik Road) from where this envelop is printed, the official accepted that this envelop with set -off printing error is inadvertently pass through examination section due to oversight.

Limca Book of Records (India) in their 2009 & 2010 edition featured my unique postal envelop as “Totally Mis - Printed Postal Envelop”
Please see my article “Totally Mis - Printed Postal Envelop, RTI ”

- Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya from Mumbai

email : dinesh_upadhyaya@yahoo.com

Blog : http://dineshupadhyaya.blogspot.com/

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Atlanta Roofing said...

Yes, her future title is referred to more often as Princess Catherine. She'll be called this anyways but it's not her formal title. And you're right, I have seen supposed 'royal experts' say that Princess Catherine will be her title. Princess William doesn't sound very natural to people’s ears. Let's hope the Queen gives William a dukedom!

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