20 October 2010

Stamp on Commonwealth Games by Gibraltar


gib 2 

Date of Issue – 20 October 2010 

Hi ! It is interesting to note that Gibraltar issues a Miniature Sheet on CWG today when the games have already been over a week earlier.  I wrote on my Blog sometimes back that it was issued on 20 August 2010 as the same  date appeared  on their website on a FDC. However the date of issue on their website was given 20 October. But it gave the impression to visitors that the date was wrongly mentioned. This date (20 August 2010) seems quite correct as the stamp issued to mark an event should have been released either during the event or before the event. Today the website of Gibraltar Post announces the release of above MS today i.e. on 20 October. It proves that the date of issuance of stamps are not only postponed in India but in other countries too due to certain reasons better known to them. However  a commemorative stamp issued  after the event  loses its importance. This is all for Today….Till Next Post….Have a Nice Time !!



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