06 October 2010

New Stamps from India..



Indian Postage Stamps : Princely States

Date of Issue – 6 October 2010

India Post issued a set of four stamps and a Miniature sheet today featuring stamps of four former Princely States of India – Indore, Sirmoor, Bamra and Cochin. Thanks to Mr Mansoor B. for this Post.


pr1            pr2    Indore                                               Sirmoor


pr3            pr4

Bamra                                          Cochin


Club News


A commemorative Coin on   Brihadeeswarar Temple


A  five Rupee coin was  released on 26 Sep 2010 by Mumbai Mint to mark 1000 Years of Brihadeeswarar Temple , Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu.

: Vishal Sanganeria

Rs 1000 currency Note on Brihadeeswara Temple


Already on 01 April 1954, Reserve Bank of India has released a Rs.1000 currency note featuring a panoramic view of the Brihadeeswara Temple to mark the cultural and heritage significance of the temple. In the year 1975, the then government lead by  Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi had demonetized all the Rs 1,000 notes to cease the Black money

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