15 October 2010

New Christmas Stamps..


 Date of Issue – 8 October 2010

Hi ! As Christmas is approaching , new special stamps are being released for Christmas by different postal administrations. However most of the Christmas stamps will be issued in November. Here is the latest issue from Aland and a wonderful lovely set to be issued by Royal mail on 2nd November 2010. I have received some covers from my friends. Thanks to all of you for these beautiful card & covers ! Special Thanks to those who have sent covers for very special & memorable date 10.10.10. This is all for Today….Till Next Post….Have a Great Time !!

New Christmas Stamps from Royal Mail

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To be issued on 2 November 2010

Wallace & Gromit on Royal Mail Christmas stamps


The stamps will go on sale from 2 November. The stamps feature the animated characters going about their festive duties.

The 1st class stamp shows the pair posting their Christmas cards. The 2nd class stamps shows them carol singing, and the 60p stamp depicts them dressing their Christmas tree.

As usual, Gromit is left to do the majority of the work, carrying the cards and hauling an unfeasibly large Christmas pudding around on the 97p stamp, with his reward being a bone-themed jumper shown on the £1.46 stamp.

My recent Card & Covers

Copy of thanks

Picture 013

Luis Filipe Melo, BRAGA - Portugal

Picture 012

Picture 015

Ashwani Dubey, Gorakhpur

Covers with special date 10.10.10

Picture 013

Suraj Jaitly, Ludhiana

Picture 014

Picture 015

Atul Agarwal, Aligarh

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