30 October 2010

Indian Winners at Joburg 2010..

The Joburg 2010 International Stamp Show, the 26th Asian International Stamp Exhibition (South Africa is affiliated to FIAP – The Federation of Inter Asian Philately) is being held in Johannesburg from 27 October to Sunday, 31 October 2010 at the Sandton Convention Centre. It is one of the biggest philatelic shows of this year.The greatest attraction of this stamp show is a unique Court of Honour, featuring a selection of the Queen Elizabeth II collection.

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The event takes place at the Sandton Convention Centre


The results have been declared.National Commissioner of India, Mr Madhukar Jhingan has sent updates of the exhibition. Here are the results of Indian participants.

Heartiest congratulations to all winners !!

Vermeil Medal
Markand Dave
Pratisad Neurgaonkar

Silver Medal
Daniel Montero
Naresh Agarwal
Santosh Mani
Rakesh Thapar

Silver Bronze Medal
Krisahn Goyal
Vikas Singh
Prafuul Thakkar
Jeevan Jyoti

Bronze Medal
Mrinal Mathur
Paritri Upadhayay
Akshat Garg
Yogini Jhingan
Chiranjib Chakraborty

Certificate of Participation
Abhai Mishra

One Frame
George Reynolds 75
Ashish Talwart 72
Madhukar Deogawanka 70
Souvik Roy 67
Moloy Sarkar 65
Vikas Singh 60
Vikas Singh 53

List of Indian Participants

Markand Dave: First Asian Air Mail Stamp - India 1929
Daniel Monterio: Waterfowl
Naresh Agrawal : Automobiles
Vikas Singh: Indian Railways
Krishan Goyal: World of Roses - Queen of Flowers
Rakesh Thapar: Mahatma Gandhi - His Life & Ideals
Madhukar Deogawanka : Quetta Earthquake
Souvik Roy: Indian Telegraph - Phonogramme 1947-1966
Rohit Prasad: Bullock Train
Ashish Talwar: The First Flight of Air India International
Vikas Singh: 16th April 1953 - 100 years of India Railways
Vikas Singh: Darjeeling Himalayan Railway - A World Heritage Site
George Reynolds: Leonardo's Vitruvian Man
Moloy Sarkar: Taj Mahal
Mrinal Mathur: From Wheel to Car on Stamps
Paritri Upadhyay: Wild Life on Maxim Cards
Vinushree S: Flowers
S Santosh Mani : The Lord of the Jungle (Elephant)
Yogini Jhingan : Harry Potter & The World of Postage Stamps
Akshat Garg: India's National Children's Day
Chiranjib Chakraborty: Transportation
Vikas Singh: Philatelic Handbook on Indian Railways
Praful Thakkar: Collectors Guide to First Day Covers & Folders of India 1947-1964
Pratisad Neurgaonkar: Postal Stationery of British India
Abhai Mishra: Uttarakhand A Philatelic Journey
Jeevan Jyoti: Rainbow Stamp News

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