13 October 2010

Largest Stamp by Canada Post

Date of Issue – 4 October 2010

Hi ! here is the largest stamp issued by Canada Post which is quite big in size featuring a Blue Whale. With $10 value it becomes the highest value definitive stamp of Canada. Here are the full details about the stamp. Canada Mint also issued a beautiful $10 Sterling Silver coin on blue whale. Just wonderful in nice packing with a pair of stamps. This is all for Today…Till next Post…Have a Nice Time !!


The $10 sterling silver coin is presented along with two of Canada Post’s largest stamps ever in a beautiful maple wood box. Also includes a fact-filled, full-colour booklet on the blue whale.

Canada Post issued a $ 10 definitive stamp on 4 October 2010. it carries the highest face value of any Canadian postage stamp. It is about 5 x 2" inches in size and is the largest stamp ever issued by Canada Post. The stamp features a blue whale. Reaching more than 30 metres in length and weighing up to 180 metric tonnes, it is the largest animal known to have existed, outclassing even the dinosaurs.

Due to high face value of the stamp , several security features are used in the new $10 stamp. The whale's scientific name (Balaenoptera musculus) is written in intaglio micro printing. As well, a large cluster of krill (the whale's food of choice) and a diver are printed in tagging that can only be seen using ultraviolet light.

The stamp is the latest in a series of high-value definitive stamps that began in 1997 with the release of the $8 issue showing a grizzly bear. For 13 years, that stamp had held the record as the canada's highest value postage. The $10 blue whale, double the length of the grizzly bear stamp, has taken the title from it, both in value and size.

$10 Sterling Silver Coin with Blue Whale


The blue whale is the last coin and stamp set in the Canadian Wildlife Series co-produced by the Royal Canadian Mint and Canada Post.

Coin design:
A blue whale dives below ocean waves and a silhouette of a scuba diver.

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:Sreejeshkrishnan, Trivandrum

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