17 August 2010

Recent stamp from India…

Date of Issue – 14 August 2010

Hi ! India Post issued a stamp on 14 August to commemorate Yoga Guru, Vethathiri Maharishi. There is difference in Hindi & English spelling. The one written in Hindi if pronounced as such would be written as Vedadri . I shall be thankful if my South Indian friends could throw light on correct pronunciation of the name . I am still confused what is correct pronunciation – Vedardi of Vethathri or it should be pronounced differently ?? There is a bit difference in south Indian accent and North Indian accent but in my opinion, one’s name must be prononced & spelt correctly. This is a topic of discussion for Today…….Till Next Post….Have a Nice Time !

Thai Bangkok

Date of Issue – 4 August 2010

New Silk stamps issued by Thailand

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Bangkok 2010

Here is a good news from BANGKOK 2010 which concluded on 12 August. India had participated with 14 competitive exhibits which include 2 literature entries, 1 one frame exhibit and one youth exhibit. All have received awards. Awards include 2 Gold medals, 1 Vermeil, 2 Large Silver, 2 Silver, 3 Silver Bronze and 3 Bronze with one Bronze in One Frame. Mr Ajay Kr Mittal & Mrs Damyanti Pittie have won Gold medal for their exhibits while Mr Dinesh Chandra Sharma of Lucknow won Vermeil medal for his exhibit on Olympics. The detailed list is awaited… Heartiest Congratulations to all the winners !

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