21 August 2010

Most beautiful stamp on Scouting….

Date of Issue - 27 July 2010

Hi ! In today’s post I wish to write about the wonderful stamp issued on Scouting by US Postal Service on 27 July 2010. The design of the stamp has fascinate me so much that I couldn't wait and wanted to write about it immediately. In my opinion this is the best stamp ever designed to feature scouting . The design of the stamp depicts the spirit and outdoor adventure of scouting through a backpacking scout and a large silhouette of a scout surveying the landscape. I highly appreciate the work of its designer, Craig Frazier who designed such a wonderful stamp on Scouting. I am sure it will become one of the most favorite stamps of Stamp Lovers all over the world ! This is just beautiful !! This is all for Today…Till Next Post…Have a Great Time !

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