20 August 2010

New Covers & Max Cards with Astro Signs



Astro. Sign Max. Card Set-03


Hi ! Here are the remaining  Max cards of Astro Signs, created by Mr Hemant Kr Jain of Mandla (MP). I have written about them earlier. Mr Jain has created 3 different sets of these Max cards. Mr Jain has also prepared private FDCs with different combinations for these issues which have also been given here. This is all in this Post….Till Next Post….Have a Nice time !

Astro. Sign Max. Card Set-02


Astro. Sign Max. Card Set-01

Private FDCs of Astro signs

Astro. Sign FDC-1

Astro. Sign FDC-2

Astro. Sign FDC-sete

Astro. Sign FDC-M.S. Light

Cover with color variation in MS

Astro. Sign FDC-M.S.Dark

Created by Mr Hemant kr Jain e mail : jainhk60@gmail.com

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