19 August 2010

Glimpses of Bangkok 2010…


Hi ! In today’s Post, here is  a special report on Bangkok 2010 by Mr Rajesh Pahariya of Jaipur who was a participant and also visited this exhibition . He shares here some very interesting features of the exhibition which fascinated one and all. Of course It is our Pride of India - Taj Mahal which was displayed in a model form among some of the select models from different countries in Bangkok 2010. Such display and presentation is an important part of an exhibition that attracts a big crowd of common people, apart from large number of philatelists and general stamp collectors. People come to know more about this hobby this way ….Here are the glimpses of this magnificent show..….This is all for Today….Till Next Post…Have a Wonderful Time !

Indian Touch in International Stamp Exhibition….

- Rajesh Pahariya


Bangkok 2010

25th Asian International Stamp Exhibition , BANGKOK 2010 was held at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center , Bangkok, Thailand, from August 4 to 12, 2010. A 1,000 frame event was organized by Thailand Post . The beautiful exhibition’s venue was located in the center of the city and was divided into 3 sections ; the international postage stamp sales area for 50 booths, the local postage stamp sales area for 50 booths and exhibition area of 1,500 square meters.

In order to publicize Thai silk and silk product, Thailand Post issued postage stamps with hand-woven silk as part of the stamps in the exhibition.

There were special stands made on theme of select participating countries which also included India. Indian display was made on Taj Mahal theme and two male and female Thai models were present there in Indian costumes all the time. Thai School Children, visiting Exhibition were amused to see Taj Mahal with Turban wearing Boy and Saree clad Girl there.


Thai Students seeing Taj Mahal Model at venue

Taj gr

Thai Girl in Saree & Boy with Turban posed with Indian Group

A big visitors draw was a special pavilion showcasing amazing new stamps like 3D Stamps , Silk Stamps , Talking Stamps , Plastic Stamps , Gold Stamps , Silver Stamps , Wooden Stamps, Diamond studded Stamps, Perfumed Stamps etc. The beautiful presentation and huge popular interest gave me an Idea to prepare similar Exhibit for display in India also. I already have a large number of such stamps and bought some more from there. Hopefully , I shall try to display it in forthcoming National Exhibition in New Delhi


Customized stamp

Another innovative attraction was a special sale counter of Thailand post for sale of customized stamp where visitors could get stamps printed with their own image and use it on their letters. I also used this opportunity and got my stamp printed there. It is interesting to note here that India Post has policy of not issuing Postage stamps on people alive and hence this novel idea is yet to be introduced in India.

India Post had also established their Sale Stall but it had very less buyers due to lack of sufficient attractive material. Apart from some latest issues, many other recent beautiful stamps of India were missing there. We are visibly far behind in issuing stamps on world preferred themes and adopting newer stamp printing technologies. I wonder if India Post officials visiting such exhibitions learn from crowded stalls of small countries like Bhutan or Bangladesh that what attracts and interests today’s stamp collectors and buyers.

Rajesh P

Rajesh Pahariya with his Stamp Display which won Silver Medal

There were 14 participants from India who won 2 Gold, 1 Vermeil, 2 Large Silver, 2 Silver, 3 Silver Bronze and 3 Bronze medals. Indian Exhibits had some rare items but interestingly rarest Stamp of Indian Origin i.e. Red ‘Sindh Dawk’ issued in 1852 valued over Rs. 10 lakh on cover was displayed by a Pakistan exhibitor. In my personal interaction with this Pakistani exhibitor, when I enquired about availability of such rare stamps , he amused me by saying that still best of Bhopal State , Hyderabad State , Junagarh State etc Coins and Stamps are in Pakistan which were taken way back at the time of partition .

- Rajesh Pahariya email : shreeshell@hotmail.com


Thai Bangkok

Silk Stamp & MS issued by Thailand during Bangkok 2010

Special stamps


photo 1

A woman displays Thai silk stamps, with peacock emblems granted by Queen Sirikit as a quality guarantee for the silk, at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok July 22, 2010. Produced in celebration of the Queen's 78th birthday on August 12, 15,000 sets of stamps were hand made from about 6,000 yards (5,486 meters) of silk. Each set, containing four stamps, were sold at the 25th Asian International Stamp Exhibition for 180 Baht (6 U.S. dollars).


silk 2

photo 2

The Silk Miniature sheet 


photo 3

"Bangkok 2010", was one of the biggest stamp exhibitions in Asia-Pacific, featuring the world's first and only stamps decorated with 12 genuine diamonds.A woman displays a sheet of 60th Royal Wedding Anniversary Commemorative Stamps at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok July 22, 2010. The set consists of two stamps, each studded with 6 diamonds, with combined weight of 1.2 carats.

photo 1 –3 (Xinhua/Reuters Photo)

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