18 August 2010

New Stamps on Mother Teresa

Date of Issue – 12 August 2010

Hi ! Here are some recent stamps on Mother Teresa, issued to commemorate her Birth centenary . The stamp shown above was issued on 12 August by German Post. Austria will issue a commemorative stamp on 26 August. France has already issued a stamp on Mother Teresa. It would have been very nice if India Post also issues this year a postage stamp on Mother Teresa in celebration of her Birth Centenary. I received some new covers from my friends recently. I am giving them below. My thanks to Mr Shrikant Parikh for today’s Post . I hope an Indian Stamp will be issued very soon on Mother Teresa….This is all in this Post…..Till next post…..Have Nice Time !

Stamp from Austria


To be issued on 26 August 2010


Cover from Algeria

Picture 001

Ouari Khemissi, Algeria

Cover from Argentina

Picture 002

Cernjul Viviana, Argentina

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