04 August 2010

INDIPEX –2011 – entry in Literature class

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I wish to share this with all my distinguished readers especially renowned philatelists of India that today I received a phone call from INDIPEX 2011 Secretariat, Dak Bhawan New Delhi regarding my entry form for INDIPEX 2011. I have been informed that my application form is incomplete which I sent for Literature Class & may be rejected. The reason given by the person who called me is that I did not mention No of frames in the entry form. If any one could explain what is menat by No. of frames in Literature Class ??? Usually in the form for National & International Exhibitions, No of frame column is left by the applicant of Literature Class because Literature class entry is not in the form of philatelic exhibit but in the form of Book, Periodical or catalogue. I explained the person that in Literature Class No. of frames are not mentioned. I have earlier filled forms for other National & International Philatelic exhibitions and left this column blank and my entry was never rejected. So I want clear explanation from the organizing committee of INDIPEX 2011 & those philatelists who have applied for Literature Class and also comments from renowned and veteran philatelists of India to explain this doubt for the benefit of all philatelists….

In my opinion there is no sense to mention number of frames in Literature Class. The applicant has to leave the column as the fee charges are for whole entry in Literature class & not for No. of frames . As the books/periodicals are not displayed in frames but are kept in a Reading room or displayed openly on Book stands for reading and not locked up in glass frames...If a person mentions no. of frames what will be the basis of no. of frame ??? I personally feel that this is the lack of knowledge of the staff which has been appointed to check the entry forms.

I hope readers will give their comments on this doubtful part of INDIPEX 2011 entry form. It is not a complaint but a matter of discussion….I am sure all those concerned will be enlightened. This is all for Today....Till Next Post....Have a Nice Time !

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Ramanathan P.S. Palakkad, Kerala

I would like to compliment Cdr G. Srirama Rao of Visakhapatnam, through your esteemed e-Stamp Bulletin, for his remarkable presentation of a splendid collection of Musical Post Offices through envelopes imprinted with Musical Scores and Cancellations. It is really a news to me that Post Offices with names of those Classical Composers exist in the world. As a person interested in Music Philately, I heartily congratulate Cdr G. Srirama Rao for his excellent exhibits. I know it can’t be done without taking a significant amount of trouble, dedication, perseverance and creativity. Well done Sir. I can't help but congratulate Mrs. Jeevan Jyoti, the editor and publisher of the Rainbow e -Stamp Bulletin for unearthing this fantastic and hitherto unheard topic on Music Philately.

Ramanathan P.S., "Saketa" 36/8, PVR Nagar Pallipuram PO Palakkad – 678006 Kerala.

email : ramsaketa@dataone.in

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M.Tariq , Khanpur- Pakistan

email : targreenpk@yahoo.com

Postal Address : M. Tariq, Railway Road KhanPur-64100 - Pakistan

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