06 August 2010

New special Cover on Baton Relay..




Date of Issue – 1 August 2010


Hi ! I am thankful to my Readers who have sent response to my doubt published in the Post of 4th August regarding Lit. class entry in INDIPEX 2011. My special thanks to officials of INDIPEX - 2011 who immediately cleared the doubt with their prompt reply.  For Readers info “ There is no frame allocation in Literature class. so  there is no need to mention number of frames in the entry form for Literature Class.”  The confusion caused due to some communication gap . Coming over to Today’s Post, here is a special cover released on Baton’s relay in Kolkata. The cover is very nice &  well designed featuring heritage Buildings and Culture of West Bengal. But there is mistake in Hindi spelling of the words “Vishesh”, Building, Ka, Sanskriti. It should be noted that cancellation for all the covers is same in which the word relay in Hindi is wrongly spelt. There should not be any spelling mistakes and should be thoroughly checked before printing. My thanks to Mr Ashwani Dubey who sent info about the cover. Mr K. Sridhar from Mangalore shares info about a set of nice stamps issued by Greece on GREEN RENEWABLE ENERGY DEVELOPMENT… The designs of the stamps are based on Children’s paintings ! Thanks to both of you for Today’s Post ! This is all in this Post…..Till Next Post…Have a Nice Time !

Greece 2010 Renewable Energy StampsGreece 2010 Renewable Energy StampsGreece 2010 Renewable Energy Stamps

Green Renewable energy development

Date of Issue – 26 April 2010


Greece 2010 Renewable Energy Stamps  Greece 2010 Renewable Energy Stamps Greece 2010 Renewable Energy Stamps


Greece Hellenic Post on 26-Apr-2010 released a set of 6 Commemorative Stamps on GREEN RENEWABLE ENERGY DEVELOPMENT.  The stamps depict the various forms of in-exhaustible Renewable Energy Sources available in the nature viz., Solar Energy (Euro 0.01), Hydro Power (Euro 0.40), Wind Energy (Euro 0.58),Self contained Man (euro 0.72), Wave Power (euro 2.43) and Bio Energy (euro 2.50).

The right way to exploit and develop these forms of energy sources will reduce the mankind's over dependence on Non-Renewable Energy Sources.  This will give our Planet the chance to breathe and ultimately to survive.

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