08 August 2010

Mouthwatering Stamps from Malaysia…


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Traditional Festive Food of Malaysia

To be issued on 10 August 2010

Hi ! Here is a wonderful set of stamps to be issued by Malaysia Post on 10 August. The stamps feature traditional festive food of Malaysia. Malaysia is a country, comprising of various ethnic communities.These communities have their own traditional food prepared during festive season. The stamps are nicely designed featuring  mouthwatering Malaysian taste. My thanks to Mr. Thevaraysn Srinivasan, of Malaysia for this post. This is all for this evening…..Till Next Post….Have a Nice Time !



Festive food stamps on the cards

KUALA LUMPUR: It can be licked but cannot be eaten. It is a stamp for collectors featuring traditional festive food of the various ethnic communities in Malaysia to be issued by Pos Malaysia next Tuesday on 10th August.


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For stamp collectors and gastronomes alike, the stamp collection and first-day cover feature culinary treasures served during festivities such as Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and festivals celebrated by the Sabah and Sarawak ethnic groups.




The collection will be available in the five-stamp 80-sen set, 60-sen set in a stamp booklet and a miniature sheet of RM3.The folder for the stamps, limited to 1,100 copies, will be sold at RM5.50 each at selected post offices.The first-day cover priced at 30 sen also comes with a pamphlet highlighting the festive foods on the stamps.The complete set is sold at RM35.10.

“With these stamps, we want to create awareness for the younger generation who eat these foods yet do not know how they are prepared,” said Pos Malaysia Stamp and Philately Division manager Diyana Lean Abdullah. She said there would be another series in the future because there were just too many types of food to cover in just one collection.

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