11 February 2009

Valentine's Day - Special issues....

' I Love You' FDC Poland Date of Issue - 6 February 2009

Hi ! I have received some news from our readers. I am giving some interesting news here. One is a news clipping about our distinguished member Mr. Sanjay Joshi of Kolkata who is an avid autograph collector. Many of you also collect autographs besides stamps. So I am giving the clipping here which may be interesting for you to read. Our member Mr. Hemant Kumar Jain has created new Maxim Cards on Louis Braille.Here are two nice Max Cards. For this special week 'I Love You' FDC from Poland. This is all for today.! ...... Till Next Post ....Have. A..Nice Time !

'I Love You' from Poland

Club News

New Max cards on Louis Braille

For details about these Max Cards Mr. H.K. Jain can be contacted E- Mail : jainhk60@gmail.com

A Signature Style Collection of Sorts......

The Statesman - 10 February 2009

Virtual International Philatelic Exhibition

WW1. German Prisoner of War mail Japan to Hong Kong 1915 - 1916 - http://www.japhila.cz/hof/0479/index0479c.htmThis is a unique collection of correspondence sent from German prisoners in Japanese POW camps to fellow German prisoners, who were severely wounded marines, held in Hong Kong by the British authorities. The mail was sent care of The Provost Marshals office. There are also a few examples of mail to interned reservists & civilians also being held in Hong Kong.The wounded POWs were only in Hong Kong for the period from 14th February 1915 to 16th January 1916, a mere 11 months duration. The occurrence of mail of this type has yielded few examples to date.This collection has taken many years to assemble as correspondence of this nature is difficult to come by. I believe that the display shown, represents the largest known recorded group of such mail to date. It covers POW mail to 26 differently named recipients, out of a group of 76 German marines, from the following camps in Japan ­ MARUGAME, MATSUYAMA, OITA, OSAKA & NARASHINO. The viewer may also find my article on the 'WW1 German prisoner of War Inter-Camp Mail, Japan to Hong Kong' published in the Hong Kong Study Circle Journal No, 342 July 2007 of interest.I would welcome any comments from viewers, as well as details of any related items or similar discoveries. I can be contacted by email - gregpos@dsl.pipex.com Gregory POS, United Kingdom
Bret Janik - Exponet http://www.japhila.cz/hof/
http://www.exponet.info/ Virtual International Philatelic Exhibition EXPONET - more than 470 on line exhibits

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