08 February 2009

Expedition to the South Magnetic Pole

Hi ! January 2009 marks the centenary of the first expedition to the South Magnetic Pole, and the recent stamps issued by Australia on 8 January 2009 commemorates that milestone in polar science and exploration. Historical images from the expedition tell the narrative of the journey, in combination with the typography, which forms a graphic element of the story. The bold white text represents the vast Antarctic landscape and its staged incline across the designs symbolises the increasing difficulty of a journey and the endurance required of the men. The sparse visual approach to the design also conveys the idea of the men at the mercy of the elements. Here are the nice stamps . This is all for today !.... More new and beautiful stamps in forthcoming posts...... Till Then ........ Have a Nice Time !.....

Centenary of the first expedition to the South Magnetic Pole

The four stamps:

55c Unloading the Nimrod
55c Depositing provisions
$1.10 Northern Party camp
$1.10 Claiming the South Magnetic Pole

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