09 February 2009

EUROPA Year 2009 - Astronomy

Hi ! Here is a new set of stamps on Astronomy with its nice FDC depicting Galilieo and his telescope. Astronomy, Louis Braille and Lunar Year -The year of Ox are the most popular themes of this year. For this week 'Love' is the favourite theme . Here are some special postmarks being given all round America to make the mail special for valentines. This is all for this evening ! ....Till Next Post .....Have a Nice time !....

On 10th February 2009, Jersey Post will issue a set of stamps to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Galileo Galilei's first telescopic observatory. This set of stamps interprets PostEurop's theme for the Europa 2009 stamps issue - Astronomy - by featuring the satellites of Jupiter (which was just one of the galactic discoveries made by Galileo using a telescope) and various constellations .

The stamps in the Europa 2009 - 'Astronomy' issue feature:

35p - Io, Ursa Major and Cassiopeia

39p - Europa, Bootes and Corona Borealis

43p - Ganymede, Cygnus and Pegasus

76p - Callisto, Perseus and Orion

Special Postmaks for Valentine's Day

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