22 February 2009

Inventions that made life Easier !

Hi ! Here is a wonderful set issued by Australia on 19 February 2009 which depicts eight great Aussie inventions of everyday life. It has been desgined by famous Australian illustrator Stuart McLachlan. He has drawn on his own experiences of growing up in suburban Adelaide.He has affectionately and humorously depicted the inventions in a typical Aussie backyard of the 1980s on this new set. The multicoloured stamps are so attractive with a touch of holiday mood in its design. The inventions are depicted on stamps in a very interesting way. The FDC, Max Cards and Miniature Sheets all make a beautiful set, sure to be liked by every collector. Have a look to this fabulous set. I find all Australian stamps so beautifully designed and these are sure to be listed in best desined stamps of the world. Its great to see that the inventions have been shown on stamps in such a nice way ! This is all for Today !..... Hope this Post will add colours to your Holiday Mood... Till Next Post.... Have a Nice Time...!

Great Aussie Inventions
The inventions featured on the stamps are:

The Esky /the wine cask
The Hills hoist
Speedos /Zinc cream
The Ute /the B&D roll-a-door
The Victa rotary lawnmower

Max Cards

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